Meet Dave Chaggar, the capital connector of Dubai

Capital Club Dubai boasts a diverse and varied membership, encompassing entrepreneurs, C-Suite executives, ambassadors, consul generals, and owners of prominent conglomerates from across the region

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Published: Thu 14 Sep 2023, 3:07 PM

What sets the UAE apart is the dynamic and energetic business landscape. Unlike many other cities the local Emirati community and its expats mix with such fluidity whilst all enjoy the vast array of benefits on offer both in terms of lifestyle, cultural diversity and economic prosperity.

Capital Club sits in the epicenter of the financial district Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) and has been present here for over 15 years. Drawing a diverse range of members, Dave Chaggar, sales director for Capital Club Dubai, offers deeper insights into this vibrant hub.

Capital Club Dubai boasts a diverse and varied membership, encompassing entrepreneurs, C-Suite executives, ambassadors, consul generals, and owners of prominent conglomerates from across the region. It also has a very wide mix of nationalities and has continued to see a surge in membership enquiries post Covid-19. This is partly down to the considerable number of high net worth individuals now making the UAE home together with the ethos that Capital Club Dubai prides itself upon.

Capital Club Dubai is very much a private business members club, which offers its members a luxury environment to host their guests and hold their meetings and discussions in a private environment.

Beyond the privacy and exclusivity, Capital Club serves as a platform for its members to network amongst one another by means of the wide range of events constantly curated by the club on business topics, round table discussions and through social gatherings every month.

Chaggar also points out that its members whilst having all the access benefits within Capital Club Dubai, also benefit from the extensive list of reciprocal clubs across the world that they can access, meaning those that are constantly on the go and travelling internationally can utilise such facilities to conduct their meetings in a similar manner.

So how do you describe your average day?

The day typically kicks off with cappuccino, setting the tone for a series of scheduled meetings. Each of these encounters involves thorough research into the backgrounds and relevant industries of the individuals involved. By around 10 am, it's action time — a combination of connecting with individuals interested in membership consideration and assessing their suitability for admission. This is interspersed with facilitating introductions among members based on highly specific requirements. Very few meetings and introductions are left open ended.

What is the biggest transaction that has happened in Capital Club?

For privacy reasons I cannot comment specifically but yes some very big ticket transactions occur on a regular basis.

What do you believe is the future for Capital Club Dubai?

We have certainly seen a considerable upsurge in demand from HNI’s and business leaders looking to apply. Introducing a waiting list in the future does not seem unrealistic at all. Dubai continues to evolve and diversify and we have seen this also reflected in the wide range of industries and verticals within our member base

What makes Capital Club unique?

Above and beyond the location and facilities we are very much a purpose driven private business members club with a very clear identity and ethos. It’s truly very rare to have so many key decision makers and influential figures within one building. The ease of our members to conduct their confidential business activities with the confidence of privacy is certainly a major factor.

And how do you balance the business environment with family life?

In the dynamic and energetic setting of Capital Club, DIFC, as well as Dubai at large, it's crucial to maintain a clear distinction between the two realms. This entails dedicating full focus and attention to business matters throughout the day and evening, reserving weekends for rejuvenation and quality time with the family. The rapid pace at which the UAE is progressing necessitates moments of recharge and complete refreshment to ensure optimal performance.

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