Manzil by Saagar Panchal creates massive buzz in property rental and management

Saagar Panchal, founder and CEO, Manzil
Saagar Panchal, founder and CEO, Manzil

Panchal is gearing up to launch Manzil with the aim of revolutionising the future of hospitality and property investments

Published: Fri 9 Dec 2022, 4:36 PM

It is incredible to notice disruption across varied sectors of the world. These changes were possible not just because of the latest technological advancements but because of how well driven entrepreneurs optimised these trends. Entrepreneur Saagar Panchal, who first founded Hireavilla in 2016 at the age of 21 years, focused on transforming, managing and monitising underutilised villas in the emerging markets of India, Bali and Sri Lanka. He led this business towards success by managing more than 250+ villas in the above markets with a team of 120+ people.

He is now gearing up to launch his new venture Manzil with a focus on revolutionising the future of hospitality and property investments. Manzil is launching with 50 properties portfolio that are located in Downtown, Marina and Palm Jumeirah which are available for flexible stays. He is confident about their new age technology and service stack through which they can monetise any type of asset and get the highest possible yield. The founder points out that it will benefit both homeowners and guests and provide the best customer experience.

Manzil, for guests, will have design-led serviced apartments at iconic locations, which will provide them the comfort of a home and the luxury of a hotel. It will be tech-enabled and tailored for clients. It will rise as a new category of residential hospitality, available with flexible lease including stay for a weekend, week, or month. The team is determined to elevate guest experiences by providing a personal level of service, a home-away-from-home experience that is peerless in every way.

They are a driven team that seeks to validate each apartment, villa, and space they acquire with professional services, asset management, luxury amenities, and standardised features that reflect the signature essence of their unique concept. They are readying themselves to pack a punch in the lifestyle industry with the aim to provide guests with an end-to-end experience by finding them a luxury homestay and a roster of opportunities to indulge in for them to make the most of their vacation.

As soon as the property gets listed with them, it earns a premium status. By optimising its API-integrated systems, the company has helped homeowners to get the best possible yield and visibility, prioritising transparency. They thrive on a pricing algorithm that is dynamic and based on the current market conditions, competitor pricing, and availability. By understanding the market demand, its technology would help automatically increase or decrease prices and take advantage of that season. It also automates last minute discounts and discounts on gap days to ensure the yield and occupancy. Their team has built a super app empowering homeowners to build a portfolio, giving them steady cash flow while also empowering them to invest in properties and or liquidate their assets if they’re not performing well through the company’s data and expertise.

Manzil is set out to offer people a one-of-a-kind stay experiences changing the games of hospitality beyond the usual stay experience.

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