Manual editors vs CapCut Online Creative Suite

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Since the introduction of AI technology, there has been a lot of debate on the effectiveness of manual editors vs online AI editors

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Published: Wed 25 Oct 2023, 11:26 AM

Last updated: Wed 25 Oct 2023, 11:30 AM

Many people believe that AI editors do a more accurate job of transforming images/photos. However, many others believe that manual editors perform better than AI editors for editing your photos and videos. To solve this puzzle, this article shares a brief comparison of some important points of both of these editors.

To make a comparison, this article chooses the AI-based online creative suite by CapCut with the other manual editors. The CapCut Creative Suite is an all-in-one platform for AI-based photo/video editing tools, Cloud backup, free commercial/personal templates, etc. By noticing the key comparison factors about both of these, you will be able to decide the best among all. So, let’s begin!

Comparison of manual editor vs online creative suite

Here are a few most important comparison points while evaluating their practicability and effectiveness.

● Ease of use

First of all, let’s start by evaluating the ease of use of manual versus AI editors. When we compare them, a manual editor contains more complex features and tools than AI editors. In a manual editor, the users need to perform everything themselves and for this, there are proper manual tools for each step.

In contrast, an AI-based Creative Suite is based on more powerful AI technology which does everything itself. The users don’t know how to carry out a number of complex editing steps to make a transformation. Therefore, there are no such details features to perform a particular job.

For example, let's suppose that you want to optimize the colours of your photo in a manual editor. Here, you need to pay specific attention to adjusting RBGs, saturation, contrast, hues, exposure, white balance, and many other elements. In contrast, you just need to click on the “optimise colour” button to make the desired changes in an online Creative Suite.

Skills requirement

To get the desired results with a manual editor, you need to have extraordinary editing skills for photo and video editing. You must know where to use which feature and how to use it. A manual editor is the hardest to use for people who don’t have any particular editing skills. Without having good editing skills, you would simply fail to create impressive transformations using a manual editor.

In contrast, you can still make beautiful transformations with Creative Suite even without having any core editing skills. Instead, the AI technology does everything itself on your single command. All you need is to decide which change you want to make to your photo/video. Then, click on the relevant button, and then the machine algorithms would come into action to perform the required changes. Hence, there is no stress about not having any particular editing skills while using an online Creative Suite.

● Time-saving technology

While using the manual editors, you need to spend plenty of time to fine-tune an image or a video. Sometimes, video editing even takes hours of effort which makes a person tired and occasionally demotivated. On top of this, there is still no surety of the perfection of results even after spending hours.

In contrast, Creative Suite is a highly time-saving platform for its AI technology. As it supports one-click transformations, the results are quicker and faster. Within no more time, you can create tons of impressive images and even videos. Thus, it doesn’t disappoint a person but creates a pleasurable impact on a person’s mood upon seeing quick and impressive results.

Cost saving technology

When we talk about manual editors, they are not cost savings at all because there are premium fees involved. Even not the premium fee, the manual editors must also you to deposit one-time or monthly/yearly subscription charges. Some ask for a fee to use their premium templates while others also charge a fee to download and save to final results of editing.

On the contrary, there is no fee involved in using the online Creative Suite. It neither charges you a fee for using its premium features nor does it ask for any monthly or yearly subscription charges. Moreover, the signup process is also free from any initial deposits. Instead, this is a free-to-use platform with the cost-saving AI technology. Whether you need to use a free video compressor, video/photo upscaler, color corrector, or whatever, all is free at Creative Suite.

● Guaranteed results

The manual editors don’t guarantee results even if you have spent hours editing a single photo or video. The end results usually depend on how expert you are in using the editor’s features and tools as well as your knowledge and skills.

On the other hand, the end results are always perfect with AI tools at Creative Suite. As it uses powerful machine learning with artificial intelligence, it makes the most precise changes. As a result, the final edits look more aesthetically appealing and perfect even without any skills for creating them.

How to use this creative suite online?

Transforming your photos and videos using this online creative suite is the easiest thing. There are no bulk of steps or any hard and fast rules involved in creating impressive masterpieces. Instead, just follow the below four simple steps and surprise yourself through the dramatic transformations.

● Step 1: Signup

First, search CapCut Creative Suite on the browser. It will appear in the top results. Navigate to it and use the “Signup for Free” button to create your free account there. Then, verify this newly created account by visiting your email address. After verification, use your email ID and password to log in to your account.

● Step 2: Upload

Go to the editor and click on the upload button. Use your Google Drive, Dropbox, or Cloud Storage to upload any video or photo to this editor. You can also simply drag and drop it from your device storage to this editor. Besides, you may also choose one of the sample photos/videos, if you prefer to test the editor first.

● Step 3: Edit

Whatever photo or video you choose, let’s start editing it here. Optimise its colours and add different themes or templates to it. You can also write different texts on it and also adjust the text font, style, color, position, and other aspects of text. In addition, you can also add text effects, stickers, frames, filters, and much more. For videos, don’t forget to take benefit of the free auto-captions, audio effects, and transitions. Use different features and tools to create the most interactive results.

● Step 4: Export

Finally, export the results that you have created on this online editor. For exporting, click on the download button and save the files to your laptop. You can also save these to your cloud and share them with your team for review.


Upon comparing a manual editor with CapCut online Creative Suite, it is obvious that the online Creative Suite is the best choice. It is not only free to use but also offers astonishing features and impressive benefits for outclass transformations. Moreover, it is the simplest and easy-to-use platform for all through its AI technology that guarantees perfection in results. Try it yourself and experience all these things through your eyes.

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