Made Men Dubai 2023 brings together world’s leading e-commerce professionals, shedding light on trends, predictions and innovation

The two-day long event was held on December 12-13, 2023 in Dubai City

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Published: Wed 17 Jan 2024, 11:41 AM

Last updated: Fri 26 Jan 2024, 5:13 PM

Arian Ghotbi, founder of Cyrus Digital, Carl Weische, CEO and founder of Accelerated Agency A&, Veli Ozyer (a.k.a Ecom Baba), Owner of Wise Guys, jointly organised the first edition of the eCommerce Made Men event on December 12-13, 2023.

The country’s biggest eCommerce marketing event saw the participation of national and international attendees from over 100 companies and provided ground for them to network and discuss opportunities to accelerate business.

On the first day of the two-day long event, Arian, Carl and Veli welcomed guests on a luxury yacht in the center of Dubai’s harbour, connecting e-commerce professionals alike to kick off the Made Men experience.

The event, which included engrossing keynote sessions, networking opportunities, panel discussions was held at The Royal Atlantis and included big names such as Tam Khan, sports industry pioneer in the UAE and founder of TKMMAFIT, Amin Siala, International keynote speaker and head of Google Growth Program, Joshua Kaats, who’s helped over 6,000+ people with eCommerce make $100M+ in sales.

On day two, Arian Ghotbi opened the floor for discussion with his keynote session, wherein he spoke about the lessons that he has learnt from his entrepreneurial journey in e-commerce and entrepreneurship.

Arian reflected on his journey building an international performance marketing agency who’s helped dozens of e-commerce brands increase their revenue by hundreds of thousands of dollars through cutting edge advertising techniques and working with big brands such as PHC Skincare, Kinobody and Alex Fedotoff.

Since his international expansion to Dubai and setting up a successful office in the UAE, he noted, “When expanding to another market, it’s important to make that decision and stick with it. Be in that market, learn first hand about doing business there and look for local partners that can shorten your learning curve and open doors in that new country.”

As a piece of advice to marketers, the panelists pointed out that one key to success is to just say yes to new opportunities and figure out the how later. Nothing can ever replace the hard work that entails building a successful business, but surrounding yourself with people who’ve made it and learning from them can make the process so much easier.

Special guest Omar al Bussaidy, author, speaker and well renowned business facilitator in the UAE shared their stories and recommendations on how to build solid and growing businesses internationally and specifically in the UAE market.

Amongst other prominent speakers, VIP guests included the Wiz of Ecom, owner of Utopia — biggest online community, Luca Ecom, making $100M+ in online sales and Ayman Yaman, viral TikTok creator, Face of Dubai TikTok.

The event was a huge success and led the way for future e-commerce events to continue within Dubai, setting the city as an international meeting point for e-commerce leaders.


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