Luxuri’s Jonathan Campau provides insights on high-end property market

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Published: Thu 22 Sep 2022, 5:21 PM

The US real estate market was able to hold strong throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, entering one of its most profitable moments yet as various industries across the world were brought crashing down due to the global health crisis’ devastating economic effects. According to the US Census Bureau, US home sales grew 20.5 year-over-year from February 2020 to 2021, clearly demonstrating consumers’ strong present-day demand for real estate.

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Miami has become an essential player in this pandemic-born push toward properties, especially as social distancing and other health-base restrictions motivated countless individuals to move to destinations where they can spend more time outdoors. As a result, South Florida – and Miami in particular – has become the must-move location of the moment, gaining 329,000 new residents between 2020 and 2021 and earning the title of the most competitive rental market in the US.

Entrepreneur Jonathan Campau has become a leading voice in the Miami property market both pre- and post-pandemic following the success of his unique real estate and vacation rentals brokerage, Luxuri. To this point, in September 2020, Campau engaged a rent-to-own condo for $8,000 a month that he ultimately purchased for 1.9m in September 2021 (one year later). He listed the penthouse for sale at a price point of $1m higher than what he paid ($2.9m) and reeled in a buyer closed at $2.6m in March of 2022 (eight months later) for a $700,000 profit.

Underneath Campau’s careful direction, Luxuri has been nurtured from a startup to Miami’s number one source of elite concierge services and vacation rentals. Luxuri’s continued triumphs and upward trajectory can be traced to Campau’s commitment to offering Luxuri’s clients unparalleled end-to-end customer service and incredible attention to detail throughout the process.

The brokerage’s vertically integrated operations only boosts its power to the next level, as its knowledgeable in-house team of expert realtors and hospitality professionals are fully equipped to handle whatever its clients – or the market – throws at it. Between sourcing patrons their dream homes or finding a jaw-dropping vacation rental during peak season, Luxuri’s team does it all – including helping clients find smart ways to leverage their current property holdings into income-generating portfolio assets.

Now, Campau looks to use his unique position as one of Miami’s top real estate authorities to share his cultured insights and opinions about market trends and changes with the rest of the world – while saving the best exclusively for Luxuri’s roster of clientele, of course.

While consumers interested in purchasing a property in Miami may be concerned about the US federal government’s hike in property interest rates, Campau is here to put those fears at ease; according to Campau, the luxury real estate market is set to remain steady and stable in spite of the interest rate increase.

“The luxury market will remain unaffected and continue to rise over the next 12 to 36 months,” revealed Campau. “As cash buyers, investors, New Yorkers, Californians, and international buyers continue to migrate to the region to spend their fortunes in the South Florida market, it is a frenzy down here for the highest and best in the luxury waterfront real estate market. I am speaking from experience as more than 75 per cent of Luxuri’s international buyers in the high-luxury market have been cash buyers, not relying on high-interest loans. Further, I believe that Miami will see the return of South American buyers who have been under lock and key for the past year and a half."

Campau succinctly addresses those that remain unconvinced. “If interest rates continue to rise and both real estate rental and sales prices continue to increase, then the market will shift to a predominantly renter and investor buying pool,” explained Campau.

For additional information and to discover more about Luxuri and its vast array of bespoke services, visit here.

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