LuLu's price lock to fight global price rise

Published: Wed 18 Jan 2023, 11:05 AM

Last updated: Wed 18 Jan 2023, 11:06 AM

As a measure of support for its customers and to combat global price inflation, LuLu Hypermarket has announced a 'Price Lock' campaign, freezing prices on more than 200 products across all categories, including fresh produce and supermarket items. The campaign applies to all in-store purchases of these products.

Prices for these everyday products will be locked in until the end of 2023 to help customers plan their living expenses. Salim M A., director at LuLu Group International, said: "LuLu Group is pleased to announce this innovative 'Price Lock' project to help our LuLu Hypermarket customers cope with the global price inflation that everyone is struggling with. We are working closely with our suppliers to balance the local market and maintain the quality of life that the UAE is known for."

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