Longevity: How to live better, longer

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Published: Tue 21 Feb 2023, 5:52 PM

If you google 'How to live longer', you would find millions of results. In a world full of information and in an industry that the Global Wellness Institute estimates to be worth $4.4 trillion, it's harder than ever to tell which advice is right for you.

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According to cancer specialist, fitness trainer, and nutritionist Harjit Bahia, who founded the organisation Longevity, says, “it’s not about living longer, it’s about living better, longer. And with the right assistance, it's simpler than most people imagine.”

Longevity is a scientific and evidence-based coaching programme, to help people adopt lifestyle habits that will improve energy, prevent disease, and help live a happier and healthier life.

Bahia’s always lived by a strong purpose, "Five years ago, delivering good health care across borders was my mission. Today, I want to prevent people from needing to access healthcare services in the first place."

Although Longevity wasn't established until 2020, her work with oncology patients was the impetus for creating the company's flagship product. After earning three master’s degrees in pharmacy, clinical oncology and nutrition in oncology and working for Guys and St. Thomas Hospital and Imperial College London NHS Trust, she subsequently accepted a position at one of the world's leading private cancer hospitals located on Harley Street, London.

"It’s here I saw it wasn't just patients who needed treating, but families were asking for advice to prevent this from happening to them," Bahia explains. And this is where the concept of Longevity was born.

In addition to continuing her work on healthcare reform projects in India and Africa and advising on cancer care initiatives in the Middle East, she conducted research on the Blue Zone countries, which are characterised by having the world's healthiest populations and the longest life spans.

Longevity’s programme was developed by Bahia, to assist people to live better longer and determine what their body requires to thrive.

She admits that when she decided to 'bite the bullet', she was worried about stepping into business ownership. However, she quickly followed her father's words to 'Focus on the vision', which has proven to be valuable advice ever since.

Longevity, which started in the UK and has since expanded to the UAE, today has a global clientele.

Longevity offers two programmes, Longevity 12 and Longevity 12 Premium which are individualised plans based on the six fundamental pillars of Longevity — nutrition, sleep, supplements, stress, movement, and community.

These pillars have been defined by scientists to help reduce the risk of developing chronic conditions such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes, and help people live longer healthier lives.

Over the course of the programme's 12 weeks, participants have weekly 60-minute consultations with their dedicated Longevity expert and daily check-ins via the Longevity app to ensure they are on track.

Beginning with blood tests and clinical investigations, the first month’s dedicated to getting to know both you and your body better, covering comprehensive reviews of your current lifestyle, habits and medical history, so your specialist can have a complete understanding and identify your body’s needs.

The second month is known as Active Coaching month. After reviewing your lab results and assessments, the team create personalised nutrition plans, and a bio-hacking strategy for your body that includes a recommended medical-grade supplement regimen and wellness practices to help optimise your mind.

The third month focuses on establishing routines, as adopting new habits takes time. After getting a firm grasp on the fundamentals, next steps are implementation, evaluation, and review.

The programme begins and ends with blood tests and clinical investigations so participants can see their own evidence-based progress, with longer-term plans available for those who wish to continue.

The programme’s appropriate for people of any age or gender. You not only have your very own Longevity expert by your side, but also access to resources and e-books that can help you along the path to increased longevity.

"It’s essential for individuals to understand the why behind our recommendations. At the end of the twelve weeks, we’ll leave you with habits that are sustainable and fit into your lifestyle. These habits will reduce the risk of chronic disease, increase your health span, and put you on the path to longevity”, says Bahia.

Longevity also offers a Corporate Wellness programme which has been shown to improve employee performance and lower overall health care costs.

To learn more visit www.longevity-uk.com or email: info@longevity-uk.com to schedule a consultation. Follow on Instagram: @longevity.uk.uae

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