Little Draw celebrates success as winners collect over Dh 600,000 in cash prizes


Published: Wed 22 Feb 2023, 2:45 PM

Last updated: Wed 22 Feb 2023, 2:47 PM

Little Draw, the most popular 3-number lucky draw in the market, has completed 26 draws and given away over AED 600,000 in cash prizes to lucky winners. From AED 100,000 to AED 25000, to AED 12500, AED 5000, AED 6000, AED 3000 and AED 2500, the prizes have helped change the lives of numerous people across the world.

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What sets Little Draw apart is that winners do not have to share their prize money with anyone else. This unique feature has been highly appreciated by the winners. Participants from all over the world have already won life-changing amounts, and the winners couldn't be happier.

Vitto C Matthew, a resident of the UAE, won AED 30000 and expressed his happiness by saying, "Now I can buy my dream bike." Robin Thomas, who won Dh 6000, said, "This amount has helped me during tough times when I was worried about my family's financial situation." Mamatha T Muthu, who won Dh 25000, shared, "I will use this winning amount to travel to my dream destination." These are just a few examples of how Little Draw has helped people achieve their dreams.

But the real power of Little Draw lies in its ability to help people achieve their dreams while also giving back to the community. Ruelyn Ocate, a two-time winner of AED 5000 and AED 1250, said, "I will use this amount to gift my loved ones." Sreejith, who won AED 100,000, shared, "This amount I will save for my daughter's education and marriage." Jasif Ullah Khan, who won AED 2500, said, "I have participated for the sake of my nephew's medical condition, and I will use this prize money for this purpose."

In addition to these, many winners won several times from different parts of the world including Subhash Yadav(Dh 2500 and Dh 5000), Aslam (Dh 2500 and Dh 2500), Laxmi Narayan (Dh 2500 and Dh 3000) and Subian S Asari(Dh 2500 and Dh 2500)

Dennis Vargheese, CEO of Little Draw, stated: "Our participants are winning and not only achieving their dreams but also helping others as well by donating bottled water. This is a win-win situation for everyone involved. By spending just Dh 10, anyone can participate from any part of the world to change their lives and others too."

Little Draw provides its customers with many options to participate in the draw online, through outlets, authorised agents, and even doorstep delivery upon request. With products available at Dh 10, Dh 20, Dh 50 and Dh 100, there are several price points to choose from. And the higher the amount of your participation, the bigger your cash prize will be.

Little Draw conducts live draws under the supervision of Dubai Economy and Tourism (DET) every Monday at 9 pm. The draws are live-streamed across all digital platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, and the official website at

Whether you want to fulfil your dreams or help others, Little Draw offers a chance for everyone to win big. Participate today and change your life forever!

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