Lessons to Learn from Kovin’s Success in Real Estate

Published: Tue 22 Mar 2022, 12:10 PM

Last updated: Tue 22 Mar 2022, 12:12 PM

Some success stories stand out from others because they inspire others. These stories are relatable to common people and their usual struggles. The story of KOVIN and his rise to success as an entrepreneur in the real estate industry can motivate any aspiring talent looking to venture into this space. For those who believe that the socioeconomic status of a person plays a crucial role in finding success, Kovin is a living example to prove otherwise. He not only built a company with hard work and persistence but created opportunities that would have never come to him if he had chosen to accept what destiny planned for him. Kovin’s struggles and experiences are lessons for any budding entrepreneur.

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Kovin was a child when his family moved to Germany from Kazakhstan in the year 2000. With no other belongings except two bags of clothes, Kovin witnessed the real-world struggles of his parents to make ends meet. From living in a small room in an asylum with a shared kitchen and washroom to learning to do things on his own because he was not fluent in the German language, he underwent several hardships. He never had anything fancy as a child while other kids in school had bikes and play stations. He was elated when his father gave him a bike from a recycling centre only to end up being humiliated at school because it was a women’s bike.

Realising the acute need for financial stability, Kovin started working during his school holidays at the same company where his parents were working. It helped support his education. He needed more money for his upkeep and also for his driver’s license. That’s when Kovin started working after college stocking shelves in a hardware store. Soon after, he decided to drop out of school.

Kovin started his career with an apprenticeship in sales at an insurance company. His natural skills in sales made him the highest earner in the group, but Kovin wanted more. So he left the job and started selling insurance. It was then he thought of putting his sales strategies to better use and moved into the real estate industry.

Kovin started by selling properties and within nine years became an accomplished entrepreneur. He is currently working with more than 100 sales partners who utilise his knowledge and strategies to close sales deals for Kovin. He is now the owner of an eight-figure revenue-earning business.

Kovin’s road to success was not smooth. He has been deceived by some of his sales partners that led to heavy losses. His apartment was robbed which led to a complex lawsuit. He started from zero again with the same zeal to earn three times the revenue of the previous year and then repeated the same success every year.

Today, Kovin is a role model for many aspiring entrepreneurs. His story reflects his undying spirit to win over any situation. He is an example of courage and one who dared to dream big even when he had nothing and now he has everything he has ever wanted.

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