Kurdmax TV records the first position for five years in a row

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Published: Fri 29 Jul 2022, 12:48 PM

Last updated: Fri 29 Jul 2022, 12:50 PM

Kurdmax TV is a Kurdish entertainment TV Channel that has been ranked the number one most watched channel from 2017 to 2022, a record that is still growing. Established over a decade ago, and during that time, the show has maintained the top-ranked status in the Kurdish region. In addition to its massive viewership, Kurdmax TV is also building a massive social media presence with thousands of followers. It has the biggest Kurdish YouTube channel among other channels, notable for its top-ranked TV series and dramas dubbed into Kurdish. The team has not only grown an audience but also managed to expand its presence, expanding from one TV channel to four: Kurdmax TV, Show TV, Kurdmax Music, and Kurdmax Popular.

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As expected, the entertainment scene is a challenging business environment. There are numerous barriers to entry, and building sustainability can also be a significant obstacle to overcome. However, creativity and adaptability are what make some shows greater than others. Also, production executives are constantly searching for fresh and entertaining ideas to keep their audience glued to their screens. Therefore, dynamic and artistic media such as Kurdmax TV win audiences.

This focus and dedication saw them build a massive fan base and a loyal audience. It's also incredible how the Kurdmax TV team has maintained their top TV status, managing to satisfy their fans. "It's been an incredible journey since then; from the beginning to date, we have grown day by day," the founders say.

The Kurdmax TV story began ten years ago when a group of ambitious individuals decided to establish a professional entertainment TV in Iraq's Kurdish region. "By choosing the right decisions and strategies, we made it," explains one of the founders.

After years of operations, the Kurdmax TV team believes audience satisfaction is the main reason they stand out. Its mission has always been to entertain its audience and share happiness concerning the Kurdish culture and traditions. The team is also promising its audience more fascinating and engaging content in the coming years.

The team’s goal is to grow and expand the Kurdmax media network and establish the brand as the first Kurdish digital media platform as a part of its network. This includes cementing its position as the number one family TV in the region.

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