Kerala hospital unveils healthcare packages for NRIs

Rev Alexander Koodarathil and Sibin Sebastine addressing the press conference.
Rev Alexander Koodarathil and Sibin Sebastine addressing the press conference.

Published: Sat 2 Jul 2022, 12:00 AM

A leading multi-speciality hospital in central Kerala has rolled out special healthcare packages for non-residents and their families.

The treatment and healthcare packages designed by Dr KM The Cherian Institute of Medical Sciences in Chengannur includes comprehensive health checkup, homecare, and door-to-door services, according to the hospital’s managing director Rev Alexander Koodarathil.

Addressing a press conference in Sharjah, Koodarathil said the packages at affordable fees, are supervised by a team of more than 70 medical experts in various disciplines led by renowned cardiac surgeon Dr KM Cherian. “For instance, the comprehensive checkup package that includes eight detailed tests is priced at Rs 9,999. The homecare and door-to-door medical services have been tailored to cater to the families and aged parents of the NRIs,” he added.

Koodarathil said the hospital is in the process of designing a special medial insurance package for NRIs in alliance with insurance companies and other leading hospital networks. PM Sebastine ,the hospital chairman; Sibin Sebastine, vice chairman; PK Rajan, director and PM Jose were present at the press briefing.

The hospital’s cardiology and cardiac surgery department features the latest facilities for angioplasties, pacemaker insertions, electrophysiology studies, bypass and vascular surgeries. A comprehensive care unit has been set up here for patients surviving heart failure.

“We are setting up a next-generation cardiology centre with facilities for cardiac regeneration stem cell therapy, artificial heart implantation and heart transplantation. Also under way is a 350-bed oncology complex,” said Koodarathil.

The hospital, which boasts the largest level 1 trauma care centre in South Kerala, offers 24-hour assistance based on modern therapies for patients at the drug addiction rehabilitation centre.

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