Katie LaFrance and Dr Catherine Chang list three reasons why success becomes commonplace for those who dare to dream big

If high risk equals high rewards, then big dreams can lead to big results. One thing that is commonplace among entrepreneurs: they have lofty visions. Katie LaFrance and Dr Catherine Chang share why those who dare to have big dreams often achieve them, thus finding significant success. Dreamers are often doers, and here are three reasons they tend to be successful.


Dreamers have big goals, and they are ambitious in their efforts to achieve those goals. Some household names were initially rejected for what they are now famous for, but they intended to have better lives and knew they had the talent to get there. Ambition overpowered rejection, which is why dreamers such as JK Rowling and Oprah Winfrey are now among the wealthiest people in the world.


Resilience is another reason dreamers are able to overcome rejection to achieve their goals. It’s not just rejection dreamers have to deal with, but negative voices telling them to "get a real job" or they can "do what you love as a hobby." Those who dream big follow their passion and vision. In fact, LaFrance and Dr Chang make it a point to hire dreamers since they tend to be more resilient. People make mistakes. What matters is how they recover from them, and that is a desirable characteristic in an employee.


Dreamers tend to be creative in one way or another. This goes beyond artistic creativity as it can involve impressive critical thinking and problem-solving skills. LaFrance and Dr Chang acknowledge that when an obstacle is in place, an unconventional solution might be necessary to overcome this challenge. Enter dreamers, who tend to provide this very solution. Once more, those who can think outside the box are often wildly successful.

In short, dreamers are people who can offer inventive solutions and possess a relentless drive for success. These are a few of the reasons LaFrance and Dr Chang welcome dreamers to their team. In fact, they do not label them as dreamers but consider them visionaries. And that is an absolute must in any successful business.

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