Kasper Jakobsen creates ripples with UAE’s luxury yacht brand

Published: Mon 5 Dec 2022, 6:31 PM

There are tons of talented beings working across varied sectors around the world and vying to make their mark in all that they ever choose to lay their hands on. However, among them, only a handful go ahead in becoming leaders in their respective industries while significantly impacting the ones they wish to serve or cater to through their products or services under their brand. The world has seen an influx of so many such professionals and entrepreneurs, but one name that has remained consistent in making massive buzz is Kasper Jakobsen, the brain behind 'Seven Yachts', exuding his passion for serving people with the best luxury yacht experiences.

Jakobsen has grown as a Dubai-based business personality, with the massive sales and revenue he brought for his company, which excels as super yacht sales and charter brokerage. He has aced the game at Super Yacht Sales and charter brokerage and imprinted his name among the top of talents in the industry in just a few short years after launching Seven Yachts in 2016. The company today is one of the most talked-about and successful super yacht brokers in the Middle East. He owns four yachts in addition to the managed yachts his company already owns. He recalls how he could reach a prominent position in the industry by putting in the right business strategies, where he owned and brokered his own yachts to maximise profits and control quality. This led him to capture hotel contracts worldwide and earn a loyal clientele.

Seven Yachts (www.sevenyachts.ae) successfully serves the cream of the crowd across the world and serves clients with an incredible yachting experience. Beyond making his mark in the yachting industry, the Dubai-based entrepreneur, also ventured into the real estate business with several real estate development projects in Spain and Denmark.

The IE Business School graduate (@sevenyachts.ae) has never ceased to amaze people with how wonderfully he has been managing his business ventures and personal life, finding time for his son as a doting father and other hobbies like boxing, riding motorcycles, and more.

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