JSS International School hosts fifth interschool Islamic fest

Published: Tue 15 Feb 2022, 5:41 PM

Last updated: Tue 15 Feb 2022, 5:43 PM

Around 500 students from 41 different schools from all over the UAE took part in the much-awaited JSSIS Islamic Festival on 5th February 2022.

Over the years, this festival has helped nurture a sense of renewal in religious faith and morality among both the Muslim and Non-Muslim students. The JSSIS Islamic Festival has not only facilitated the spread of Islamic values and teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) among the students and the community at large but has also created an eagerness among students to find real solutions to the problems pervading society today.

In the welcome address, Govindarao Naik, the CEO of the school, highlighted the importance of Islam as a guide to moral rectitude and motivated students to imbibe Islamic teachings and values in their daily lives for their success and also for the betterment of society. While addressing the students, Lata Nakra, the principal of JSSIS reiterated that the principles and fundamental purpose of Islamic morality are love: love for God and love for all creations of God. She inspired students to help build a society based on values and principles and broaden their vision to encompass peace and a brighter society.

Ahmed Hamid, the chief guest of the programme and a renowned Islamic scholar and International Islamic speaker, instilled in the students the need to imbibe Islamic values based on the five D’s which he explicated as:

Devotion to what you believe in.

The direction of the right path in personal life.

Determination to ensure the best to be given to humanity.

Discipline to be followed in personal life.

Dedication in life to serve humanity.

It was a delight to see more than 500 students competing with each other in the Holy Quran recitation, elocution, nasheed (Islamic song) and Islamic calligraphy.

The energy and enthusiasm among the students were eclectic but in the true spirit of Islam was filled with warmth and camaraderie.

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