Jomla sets a new level of GCC e-commerce with AI innovation

Jomla announces AI-powered e-commerce revolution in GCC. Experience faster, smarter, and personalised online shopping today

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Published: Thu 11 Jul 2024, 4:41 PM

Jomla, an e-commerce platform started in 2019, has quickly become one of the top 20 shopping apps in the GCC. By using advanced artificial intelligence (AI), Jomla has greatly improved the online shopping experience.

With this, Jomla's search engine is AI-powered, fast, and accurate. It returns results within just 20 milliseconds; thus, it runs seven times faster than any other shopping search engine, making it fast for any user who wants to find what they need instantly. The search engine can understand misspelt words, so the customer would still find their desired products even with typing errors.

From the first user interactions with Jomla, the AI tailors a personal shopping profile for each user. It understands their preferences be it favorite products, categories, or brands. Everything is organized in such a way that customers receive relevant recommendations to find products easily and pleasantly.

Jomla uses an integrated set of AI tools at the backend to improve product listings. These AI tools provide rich, detailed content to help customers make informed purchase decisions. After that, there is price tracking through an AI tool for more than 100,000 products daily. This ensures that Jomla provides the best competitive prices at all times. All these value-focused features have served to strengthen customer trust and loyalty.

Advanced AI technology uses at Jomla have not only driven its growth but also changed the e-commerce landscape in the GCC. Its innovations have charted a different turn toward customer-oriented shopping experiences emphasizing speed, accuracy, and value.

As Jomla grows further, it will lead to advanced technologies that improve the user experience. Its devotion to innovating further gives assurance that it will make a difference in the e-commerce industry and help serve its customers better than any other organization.

Jomla's growth in the GCC e-commerce space marks the strength of advanced AI technologies. In the online shopping segment, with its commitment to user experience and artificially intelligent-driven fast searches, personalised recommendations, and competitive pricing, Jomla has set a new standard.

Building further on this innovation, the company gets itself prepared to stay ahead in the sector and provide great value to users. Further, Jomla's commitment to building the most cutting-edge AI makes it agile to the changing market and consumer trends, thereby placing it in the right position for long-term success in the dynamic scene of e-commerce.

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