Jogani reinforcement introduces innovative poly fibre for a crack reduction


Published: Tue 12 Apr 2022, 2:17 PM

Last updated: Tue 12 Apr 2022, 2:19 PM

Polyfiber 3S series, a new generation concrete and construction fibre from Jogani Reinforcement are now available in the Middle East for long-lasting, crack-free construction and infrastructure. The high dispersion fibre for crack reduction is a very popular product among construction and infrastructure companies by Jogani Reinforcement. The Group has already stormed the world stage with its multitude of diversified and innovative engineering fibres and reinforcing products approved and certified under ASTM C 1116 of the American Quality Standards.

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The ISO9001 certified company, with ISO 14001 certification, has transformed the construction and infrastructure industries, particularly in India, since 2001. The diversified business conglomerate is engaged in manufacturing, importing, and exporting technical textiles, synthetic fibres, engineering fibres, basalt fibres, PVA fibres, glass fibres, engineering fabrics, plaster mesh, and other innovative reinforcement products that are rapidly evolving as a cutting-edge structural material with enormous benefits of crack reduction and durability aid for infrastructure and construction industries.

Mahesh Jogani, the CMD of Jogani® Reinforcement and a reinforcement engineer, further enlightens the role of Polyfibers 3s in crack control for all types of concrete and construction. He explained: “The fibres provide support to the concrete or mortar in multiple dimensions thereby offering MSR-Micro Secondary Reinforcement. These fibres provide a noteworthy boost to the ductility, flexural toughness, impact resistance and tensile strength of concrete or mortar. This secondary reinforcement at the microscopic level protects the structure from abrasion making it shatter-resistant. It also helps in eliminating the rebound losses,

and the propagation of cracks significantly." "This, in turn, results in a reduction of labour, material and maintenance costs and increased ductility and durability of PQC, RCC, industrial flooring” he added, “All our products are used for tensile reinforcement and crack control in all mortar and concrete worldwide and by all top-level construction companies like Ultra Tech, L&T, ACC, and many more.”

Jogani Polyfiber 3S are available in standard cut sizes of 6,12,24 mm, and weather-resistant packaging can be used ideally for all types of

RCC, PCC, MORTAR, PQC, FRC, plaster, and cement articles. Moreover, the overall cost burden of using polyfibers products is significantly less as these reinforced products reduce maintenance and the life cycle cost of construction and infrastructure projects.

Jogani reinforcement’s innovative and brilliant products, with their enhanced performances and effective cost-benefit ratio, are leading the market by setting a new trend and pacing up the developmental curve of new India. Under the excellent leadership of its founder Mahesh Kumar, the organisation is achieving milestones now and then. Recently the Group head was bestowed with the prestigious business ‘Leader of Change’ award by The Economic Times, Times of India Group for his outstanding contribution to the construction and concrete fibres segment.

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