ISLAMedia inaugurates new platform in Dubai

Published: Sat 21 May 2022, 9:00 AM

ISLAMedia recently participated in the Cabsat exhibition at World Trade Centre, Dubai and launched its official ‘ISLAMedia’ platform.


Rhonita Patnaik

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Hassan Karim, CEO, ISLAMedia platform, said: “We are the first broadcasting platform in the world that accepts payments in cryptocurrency, and it is the first project of the ISLAMedia cryptocurrency.”

Jonathan Stuart, manager, Islamiblockchain, said: “We are a blockchain technology company in the USA, aiming to compete with the major networks and technologies that are disrupting the internet of things, while adhering to Sharia law and compliant with Islamic values. ISLAMedia is the first pan-Islamic subscription-based video streaming platform that is powered by cryptocurrency. And it is not powered by just any cryptocurrency but by Islamicoin — our Sharia-compliant cryptocurrency that was developed just one year back.”

“Additionally, we understand that the future of video streaming specifically is digital, personalised, and decentralised. These key traits will propel user engagement, growth, experience and loyalty. ISLAMedia is utilising blockchain technology, with personalised content while allowing users to participate in its growth. Deloitte Global published an article few years back titled ‘Moving Image 2030 — A Look at Four Scenarios’. This publication discussed four potential paths forward for broadcast television as well as other mediums,” Stuart added.

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