Is the $1 million Carl Runefelt mistake the biggest ever in the NFT space?

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Published: Sun 31 Oct 2021, 1:22 PM

Last updated: Sun 31 Oct 2021, 1:23 PM

As one of the most influential crypto experts in the world today, ‘The Moon Carl’ sure leads from the front.

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From uploading prediction videos for his followers on his YouTube channel to leaving quick tips on his Twitter account to cool photos on Instagram, Runefelt’s content clocks thousands of new followers every month. The last we checked, this unassuming public figure had more than half a million subscribers on YouTube and even more on Twitter and Instagram.

But more than that, now there’s a crypto story we’ll remember for a long time. And it’s true too!

Trying to buy a crypto punk that he figured looked like him, Runefelt realised it was a female, only after he made the purchase.

He thinks the NFT was cool, though, which is why he says he bought it in the first place. And now that the story is going viral, the purchase has helped him gain even more ground with his followers.

Already, Runefelt predicts that his one-million-dollar purchase may have doubled in value, thanks to the headlines the story has been making. But he has no plans to sell it. “I don’t think I want to sell it, though. I mean, it’s my NFT now!” he says. One can only wonder if this $1million is the biggest ever mistake in the NFT space, or there are more?

Delving on what is it that makes Runefelt a favorite crypto influencer? How does a cashier in a grocery store ace the crypto game to transform into a multimillionaire? And in less than two years too!

Well, that’s what the cryptocurrency game is all about. Out here, if the timing is right, even moves that seem like a mistake to the outsider end up making waves on the inside. And if this fun Runefelt NFT story is any indication, there is always a great one around the corner in the crypto world!

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