talk about their ‘pet subject’


Published: Thu 19 May 2022, 9:00 AM

With pet ownership seeing a post-pandemic resurgence, pet insurance has become a ‘hot’ topic: especially since protecting our furry friends in the rising temperatures is a concern for pet owners. But have you ever wondered how insurers calculate that all-important pet premium?

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We decided to ask the experts at for their insights. Rachel Al Mughairi, chief engagement officer,, said: “There are many factors that have an impact on the price you pay for your pet insurance, with some being obvious and others less so. For example, whilst cats and dogs are the most common type of pet and therefore the easiest to insure, this isn’t necessarily the case if you opt for a pedigree breed. Many suffer from inherent disorders (Siamese cats are one good example) that can prove expensive to treat, so always do your research. Another thing to consider is deliberate breeding or unexpected pregnancy.”

“Some pet owners are quite happy for their pets to mate but others have kittens at the very thought of it, especially since some insurance policies don’t cover this. As a precaution, pet owners should consider getting their animal spayed or neutered as soon as possible,” Al Mughairi added.

Commenting further, Avinash Babur, CEO,, said: “Whilst pet insurance has recently enjoyed a renaissance in the UAE, with more insurers now offering this type of policy, it is still relatively fresh to market. Competition is somewhat limited so it can be hard to know if you’re getting the right cover at the right price. We’d recommend contacting an informed insurance professional to find out just what’s on offer and at we’ve got great knowledge on the products available so can match cover to your needs.”

So, it’s clear that if you want to be ‘feline’ fine about your cat cover or delighted with your dog policy, is the place to call.

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