gives its top tips for holidays and rainy days

Alfred, Brand Mascot at
Alfred, Brand Mascot at

Published: Thu 6 Jan 2022, 1:27 PM

Last updated: Wed 7 Sep 2022, 10:48 AM

A new year is always eagerly anticipated, and whether the weather is good or bad, we love to celebrate in the UAE. Despite the deluge, thousands gathered to welcome 2022 and didn’t let the disruption of rain or Covid-19 restrictions dampen their celebrations!

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Even though pundits had predicted the precipitation in terms of timing, the sheer volume of water took everyone by surprise, so we asked, for their expert advice on how to ‘rein in’ the rain risk

“Torrential rain wreaks havoc not only on our plans but also our possessions”, said Rachel Al Mughairi, chief engagement officer at

“Electricity and stormy weather aren’t the best of buddies, so protecting your power by switching off unnecessary supply, and raising and securing outside cables is strongly advised. Conditions can cause power surges, leading to appliance breakdown and electrical fire with disastrous consequences, and ingress of water is also a common claim cause. Good property and risk management is essential (some home insurers even make this a cover term and condition) so do your homework,” she added.

Avinash Babur, CEO,, said: “It may seem simple, but think carefully about your daily routine. Drivers should take greater care, reduce speed and even re-think unnecessary journeys, as some motor insurance policies have clauses restricting, or even excluding, the driving of vehicles in flood conditions, so don’t get caught out. And if you’re a small business owner, landlord or even a private homeowner expecting visitors, you also need to consider any communal areas. Wet floors are a hidden hazard with increased slip and trip risk, leaving you exposed to liability claims.”

So, whilst the skies may not be clear, the need to ensure you have insurance most definitely is. Contact and see how they can help you weather the storm.

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