Indian tech guru behind WhatsApp and Signal makes Dubai his new home


Published: Thu 13 Apr 2023, 1:02 PM

Last updated: Thu 13 Apr 2023, 1:04 PM

Meet Balachandar Karthikeyan, the only Indian who has contributed to both WhatsApp and Signal Messenger India and who has recently become a resident of Dubai. Karthikeyan has had a close working relationship with the founders of these popular messaging apps and has played a key role in their development.

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Karthikeyan, originally from Erode, India, has worked in the technology industry for over ten years. He contributed to the development of both WhatsApp and Signal and has been critical to these platforms' success. Speaking about his move to Dubai, Karthikeyan praised the city's culture and people. "Dubai is a wonderful place to live and work," he said. "The people here are friendly and welcoming, and the city has a vibrant and dynamic culture that is second to none."

Karthikeyan's move to Dubai is the latest example of the city's growing appeal to tech entrepreneurs and innovators. With its world-class infrastructure, business-friendly policies, and welcoming environment, Dubai has become a hub for technology startups and established companies.

Karthikeyan’s presence in Dubai will spur further innovation and collaboration in the tech industry. With his deep knowledge of messaging apps and his close working relationships with the founder of WhatsApp and Signal, Karthikeyan is well-positioned to play a key role in developing new technologies and services in this space.

Ammar Tarique is the content strategist at Teamology Softech and Media Private Limited

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