Indian actor Yash Navani reflects on collaborations with artists in Indie Bollywood songs

The young actor looks forward to his new song under BCC Music Factory and working with many other top Bollywood names in the coming years

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Published: Mon 2 Oct 2023, 3:16 PM

No one can deny the massive momentum a few industries in the last few years have attained, especially the media and entertainment industries. It is surreal to notice how the younger brigade has acted as a powerful force behind the consistent growth of these industries. They have put in every possible effort while sticking close to their values of honesty and authenticity to create incredible, entertaining content for audiences worldwide.

Young Indian-UAE-based actors like Yash Navani have been making quite a buzz for the same, thanks to their massive efforts and hard work, along with their creative visions to turn their ideas into mesmerising audio-visual experiences.

Navani, originally from Gujarat is a mere 17-year-old young talent who, as an actor, is currently creating a lot of craze even before officially debuting in the industry. For years, the passion of music lovers for Indie music has been evident. Navani is eagerly anticipating the opportunity to deliver some sensational music in this genre, aiming to capture the hearts of Bollywood enthusiasts not only in the UAE and India but also around the world."

He reveals his experiences of working on his first upcoming song with LOC, under BCC Music Factory, saying, “I have lucked out to get an opportunity to work in phenomenal music pieces by top artists like LOC, who have remained consistent in their musical journeys and have gained colossal love and positive response by the public.”

Adding further, he says how he feels fortunate to be a part of this music game that has the power to reach and impact the hearts of millions of music enthusiasts, fans, and lovers worldwide. “Working in Bollywood songs has been a dream since I first fell in love with music. Today, when I have great work on my side, I feel gratitude for every opportunity bestowed upon me, and the trust music labels and artists have put unto me as a young actor,” he shares.

Navani is also excited about the pool of opportunities that await him, where he will work with famous singers like Paradox and many other popular singers from the industry.

He reveals how unique an experience it has been so far for him to work with LOC, learning, unlearning, and relearning so many new things on a set as an actor. He feels motivated to do better with his craft as an artist to put up a greater show in his next songs.

Watching this young actor (@yash__navani) soar to greater heights with his gradual steps forward in the entertainment world will be exciting.

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