Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of hair extensions with Gemeria Hair

Gemeria Hair is not just a brand but a community that shares everything from tips to tricks on different social media platforms

By Many Tyagi

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Published: Wed 28 Feb 2024, 5:16 PM

These are more than just hair, but a sign of pure self-confidence and an open canvas of creativity. This is the Story of Gemeria Hair, and how it evolved into a massive brand that has an international appeal.

The Village Power

It all starts with Shashi Kant Tyagi. Shashi with a vision in mind started Tyagi Exports, which exports hair wigs and hair extensions to different countries.

The problems with hair extension industry

The market for hair extensions before was filled with fake products and synthetic hair extensions. This created a lot of distrust in the minds of the consumers. Shashi took the challenge to change the market.

Sourcing the right products

Sourcing the right hair was a challenge. The ray of light came from the South Indian temples. Many women here offer their hair in these temples for devotion. These high-quality hairs can be used for making hair accessories.

Soon Tyagi Exports changed and now its main motive was to instill trust for wigs in the minds of people. Shashi took it upon himself to change the notion that wigs were only made of synthetic hair for balding people. Lo and behold, the adoption was there and business was successful in that.

After getting married to Sashi, a real transformation occurred to me when I met a cancer patient, and she told me she lost her hair and her confidence during the cancer treatment. She cannot afford these wigs. This experience touched me deeply, and I want to bring hair extensions to people with fewer resources.

An Encounter That Changed Me

This gave birth to Gemeria Hair and its main focus at that time was to serve customers of different classes and sectors. The company went into the direct to customer model.

Gemeria hair vs other hair extensions brands

Gemeria hair is not just about selling products and making money, but providing the highest quality hair wigs and human hair extensions to the market. We understand the market's needs and we never compromise on quality or innovation.

The products we offer

Let’s take a peek into the world of Gemeria Hair from wigs for women and more. Let’s find out:

  • Clip-in extravaganza: Gemeria hair has multiple options of Clip-in extension for every style. These Tape-in treasures: These are the most discreet wonders that will easily integrate your natural hair, add length and volume.
  • Ponytails: These are ponytail extensions that are sleek, bouncy. Create your unique appeal with these ponytail extensions.
  • Toppers for you: The hair toppers provide the coverage you need for hair loss or bald spots. These will give you back your confidence and style.
  • Wigs that can transform you: Wigs can be used for both balding and hair loss and hair styling as well.

More than just hair

Gemeria Hair is not just a brand but a community that shares everything from tips to tricks on different social media platforms. We accept new people with open arms, and help them join the community. As the co-creator of the company, we are constantly expanding our presence. I want to see Gemeria Hair touch the lives of every woman, and make them feel confident and happy. For me this is a way to help women be their best selves. As a co-creator of Gemeria hair, I am proud to be part of this company. We always prioritise our customers, and listen to their needs and feedback. This helps us to serve you with better products and services.

Gemeria hair is magic

Lastly, Gemeria Hair has taught me so many things and given me a sense of newfound confidence. So, go on to Gemeria Hair today and find your style and find your newfound confidence. Gemeria Hair is not built by us, but it’s built by you, the people who purchase from us who use our products.

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