How the team at Enoxu has kept their sugar prices so low

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Published: Tue 28 Feb 2023, 2:40 PM

Last updated: Tue 28 Feb 2023, 2:42 PM

Enoxu is a top global sugar company that has maintained its edge for many years as a high-quality sugar supplier while keeping its prices affordable. The Brazilian-based company takes pride in its ability to produce sugar that for years has gone unmatched. Enoxu offers a wide variety of sugars. "Whether you want Brazilian sugar, Indian Sugar, or even Thai sugar, Enoxu can provide it for you," the directors say.

By Deepak Jain

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With sugar prices rising daily, sugar has become one of the most expensive commodities, but Enoxu has catered to this problem. "We offer way lower prices for sugar than anybody else. When it comes to us, you're in good hands if you want sugar at an extremely competitive price," attests Yashwant Bolarum, the director of business development at Enoxu.

Enoxu is a wholesale sugar supplier that believes in investing in people. It is common for many companies to overlook the intermediaries between their products and their consumers. However, Enoxu has proved to be different. They believe every single person who works for the company in any area of the supply chain is critical. To them, product quality and customer service are essential to ensuring client satisfaction.

Enoxu is the most reliable sugar company providing what you want as fast as possible. This is something that many wholesalers cannot live up to, but Enoxu ensures shipping is done timeously and that shipping costs are customer friendly. "We guarantee you get exactly what you asked for on time," says Vishal Bolarum, the director of operations. “We also look at every part of our supply change to optimise efficiency and subsequently lower costs for our buyers,” he added.

But it has been challenging for Enoxu to establish itself as a trusted company in the sugar industry. The biggest hurdle they have faced was overcoming the number of fake sugar buyers and filtering them out. However, they have managed to set themselves apart by offering the best sugar and receiving payments once the product has been shipped. "As a company, we get paid once shipments arrive at the buyer's destination port. A lot of fake suppliers will ask for payment upfront," says Yashwant.

Additionally, there are many scammers in the sugar industry, but Enoxu has managed to control this situation by asking prospective buyers to provide proof of funds to detect fraud in wholesale purchases. They get proof of funds directly from the buyer's bank, which is done in the sales process to ensure there are no delays and, simultaneously, to ensure the purchase is legitimate. After all attestation from a bank is the credible way of verifying a client’s financial strength to move forward with transactions of hundreds of millions of dollars.

A lot of Enoxu’s clients tend to be resellers. Enoxu’s executives advise resellers of sugars to be careful when making sugar purchases. "There are many fake buyers out there, and it's important to do a lot of due diligence with your buyers to make sure they are financially capable of moving forward with buying sugar in the quantities they request." Additionally, they advise entrepreneurs looking to buy sugar from a reputable company to ensure that the company they are buying from can provide proof of the product. The company’s executives noted that the most credible sugar suppliers should always accept payment through a bank instrument like a letter of credit or bank guarantee.

In the coming years, Enoxu hopes to supply the world’s top food and beverage companies with high-quality sugar. The executives envision Enoxu becoming a globally recognised sugar company leading the supply of sugar.

Deepak Jain is a freelancer content writer.

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