HONOR privileged to present Sheikh Mohammed Bin Kayed Al Qassimi the customised gold edition of HONOR Magic5 Pro

HONOR Magic5 Pro continues its success with tremendous demand in the UAE market

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Published: Fri 16 Jun 2023, 3:10 PM

In the world of smartphones, one name that has consistently stood out for its innovative technology and cutting-edge features is HONOR. Known for pushing boundaries and redefining user experiences, HONOR has once again taken the market by storm with its latest flagship, HONOR Magic5 Pro from the premium Magic Series line-up. Since its launch, the HONOR Magic5 Pro has achieved exceptional success in the region, captivating users and industry experts alike.

During the launch, HONOR had the privilege of offering His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Kayed Al Qassimi a specially designed, custom gold edition of the HONOR Magic5 Pro as an appreciation for His Highness.

"I sincerely appreciate the nice gesture from HONOR in presenting the customized HONOR Magic5 Pro edition," said Sheikh Mohammed bin Kayed Al Qassimi. “HONOR has always been known for its commitment to cutting-edge technologies and manufacturing devices with the top-of-the-line AI features.”

"We at HONOR are truly honoured to have had the privilege of presenting Sheikh Mohammed bin Kayed Al Qassimi with our latest and best-in-class HONOR Magic5 Pro," said Diao Zhengli (Ms. Penny) CMO at HONOR Middle East Africa. The flagship smartphone is a real showcase of our exceptional quality and innovation, and we are delighted that Sheikh Mohammed bin Kayed Al Qassimi had the opportunity to experience its remarkable features."

It’s worth noting that HONOR Magic5 Pro pre-order batch sold out in the UAE market, thanks to its all-new features including the Millisecond Falcon Capture and AI Motion Sensing Capture, in addition to its Industry-First 2160Hz PWM Dimming Technology to LTPO Display that set it apart from other smartphones in the market.

The official availability of HONOR Magic5 Pro in the UAE market has indeed witnessed a tremendous success, with the device receiving an overwhelmingly positive response from consumers. HONOR Magic5 Pro’s arrival in the UAE market has further strengthened its reputation as a top-tier smartphone, and its exceptional features and capabilities have resonated strongly with users in the region.

In a remarkable move during the HONOR Magic Series launch, Mafeijian (Mr. House), country Manager at HONOR GCC, personally delivered HONOR Magic5 Pro directly to selected customers. This initiative demonstrates HONOR's commitment to going above and beyond to ensure a memorable and personalized experience for its valued users.

HONOR recognises the Middle East region as a highly promising market for growth, considering its population of enthusiastic users who are eager to embrace and explore new innovations and technologies. The region's dynamic consumer landscape and tech-savvy population create a favourable environment for HONOR to establish itself as a leading brand and cater to the evolving needs and preferences of users in the Middle East through its HONOR X Series, Number Series and the flagship Magic Series.

The success of the HONOR Magic5 Pro extends beyond the UAE market and the Middle East region. This year, HONOR achieved a remarkable feat by receiving a total of 42 prestigious awards from the media at MWC. Among these accolades, the HONOR Magic5 Pro made a significant impact by securing an outstanding 18 awards across diverse categories, when it was revealed for the first time.

In the display ranking, HONOR Magic5 Pro achieved the remarkable feat of seizing the first place in display setting a new standard for smartphone displays. Additionally, the camera system of the HONOR Magic5 Pro was awarded the highly esteemed Gold Label from DXOMARK, recognising its outstanding performance and the exceptional image quality.

This recognition further emphasises the exceptional quality and innovation that the HONOR Magic5 Pro represents, solidifying its position as an industry leader and a beloved choice among technology enthusiasts worldwide.

Talking about HONOR’s growth and according to Counterpoint research, HONOR experienced a remarkable expansion in its shipments during Q1 2023 compared to Q1 2022 in markets outside of China. The growth was nearly four times higher. HONOR's primary overseas markets, namely Europe, Middle East and Africa, and Latin America, witnessed exceptional progress in the past year. Shipments in these regions increased significantly, with Europe growing by more than five-fold, the Middle East and Africa by over six-fold, and Latin America by an impressive eight-fold.

For more information, please visit HONOR online store at www.hihonor.com.

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