Hive Furniture Show: Showcasing luxury furniture

Published: Fri 10 Jun 2022, 10:30 AM

Over the past few years, the UAE has become a regional hub for furniture design, with people flocking from all over the Middle East to sample the finest imports from countries such as Turkey, China, Italy, and Malaysia. It, therefore, only makes sense that a platform for those seeking business opportunities in all that is furniture-related, such as the Hive Furniture Show, makes the UAE its home.

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Following the success of their first show, the Hive Furniture Show team is excited to announce its return to the UAE. The show will be held at Expo Centre, Sharjah from June 13-16. This unique event will bring together global big-box retailers, wholesale traders and furniture experts to share the latest in high-end furniture design.

The 2021 Hive Furniture Show marked a huge success, witnessing the participation of over 50 global exhibitors, thanks in due to the passion and experience of its team. Under the guidance of founders Gautam Mulani and Manish Bhatia, who together have over 30 years of experience in the furniture industry, the Hive Furniture Show team has earned a reputation for quality and expertise within the furniture trade community. As pillars of this community, Bhatia and Mulani sought to help its members face today’s challenges that forced limitations on travel and made networking ever more difficult. Along with their team of experts, they created the Hive Furniture Show and cemented its position as a strong regional trading platform for exhibitors and buyers to connect, exchange ideas and establish productive business connections. Just like a hive in nature brings together bees to one location optimally designed to allow them to produce delicious honey, Hive Furniture Show brings experts in luxury furniture design from all over the world to an engaging location that is ideal for showcasing the best in high-end furniture design and generating real business growth for its participants.

What makes Hive Furniture Show truly unique is its carefully planned methodology. The purpose of this methodology is to empower businesses and create a refined exhibition of outstanding retailers, granting visitors access to exceptional furniture design. The journey of identifying the best exhibitors consists of three phases: during the first phase, the team assesses each potential exhibitor’s capabilities, goals, presentability, quality of product, etc. This is followed by the second phase, where the team conducts highly targeted market research and gathers insights from potential visitors to help exhibitors understand and cater to their audience. Finally, the team works diligently to ensure that the show provides a safe, comfortable environment that encourages communication and presents participants with a refreshing experience in which they can grow their businesses and connect with retailers and other furniture enthusiasts.

This year, Hive Furniture Show will host over 100 global exhibitors, showcasing a variety of home and workplace furniture portfolios to satisfy every taste. With an audience of the region’s best interior designers, architects, B2B traders, and domestic and international buyers, this is an opportunity that cannot be missed for companies and individuals seeking to capitalise on the increase in business décor and home-improvement spending.

In the years to come, the show aims to be one of the largest furniture trade shows in the region. From those wishing to witness the latest trends and inventions in the world of furniture to those who wish to collaborate with the industry’s finest, the 2022 Hive Furniture Show is a one-stop shop for furniture excellence.

Access to the show is free for trade visitors, who are invited to experience the future of furniture design and the trends that are redefining residential and retail aesthetics.

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