Here’s how FIM Caravans is leading the way towards post-pandemic adventure


Published: Tue 17 May 2022, 10:19 AM

While consumer trends have largely been dominated by baby boomers and generation X over the recent years, a new generation is beginning to dictate the way they want to see the modern marketplace develop – especially following the Covid-19 pandemic. Dubbed ‘pandemials’, this group of young adults bore witness to both the economic effects of the 2008 financial crisis and Covid-19 itself; as a result, these shoppers have become savvy with their spending habits, making their voices heard for exactly what they desire from the brands they patronise.

By Kelin Dillon

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Pandemials’ rule-rewriting ethos has catalysed a massive overhaul surrounding the way this generation works and lives, prioritising remote work and work from home opportunities over traditional office dynamics, as well as favouring mobile, nomadic living. Thus, caravan culture and van life have been thrust into the spotlight, offering a fitting mix of all the conveniences of home alongside near-unlimited travel capabilities.

For Felix Istrate and Stefan Secuiu, cousins bonded by the fond memories of a childhood spent fishing, hiking and enjoying all the beautiful scenery their native Romania has to offer through caravanning with their families in the summertime. This evolved into a lifelong passion for the outdoors, and subsequently, inspired by the freedom of nature, the duo created luxury caravan brand FIM Caravans in 2014, disrupting the caravan industry as we know it along the way.

With a futuristic design, plus state-of-the-art external design features like a full monobloc fiberglass body structure, under step LED lights, adaptable axles, and a sleek matte paint job, FIM Caravans certainly make a visual impact upon first sight; but amongst the natural terrain of off-road excursions, the caravan’s carefully chosen colour choices and unique structural components blend in seamlessly with the surrounding landscape.

The same attention-to-detail is present inside, offering a luxe twist on traditional caravan living with all of the traditional amenities pandemials desire when embracing a nomadic lifestyle. Internal heating and cooling systems make FIM Caravans an ideal fit for the changing of the seasons, with built-in appliances like a fridge, sink, and two-person compatible bed turning extended stays in the caravan into a breeze. Plus, electric sockets abound offer ample opportunity for the remote working crowd to still get the job done from the comfort of their caravan – literally.

FIM Caravans doesn’t expect every customer to be a caravan expert; and with the industry-leading caravan brand, people don’t have to. With the ability to be hitched to numerous types of automobiles – whether street-equipped cars, off-road equipped cars, and even utility-equipped vehicles – FIM Caravans are adaptable to almost everyone’s lives, making turning adventure into a lifestyle easier than ever before.

With the caravan market – spurred on by pandemials’ nuanced demands – expected to reach a global $76 billion valuation by 2027, industry disruptors like Istrate and Secuiu’s FIM Caravans are paving the way toward a more caravan-centric era of travel.

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