Hany Mokhtar speaks about CX landscape ahead of CX Evolve 2022 Summit


Anam Khan

Published: Wed 24 Aug 2022, 5:48 PM

Last updated: Wed 24 Aug 2022, 5:50 PM

Khaleej Times is all set to host the launch edition of the CX Evolve 2022 Summit, scheduled on August 25 in Dubai. The Summit will engage new strategies, case studies, in-depth panel discussions, and joint strategies that could be implemented towards creating a frictionless CX Journey. Avaya sponsors CX Evolve 2022 as the Technology Partner, Oracle, Contentsquare, and Majorel are the Gold sponsors, and Zoho has partnered as the silver partner.

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On interviewing Hany Mokhtar, experienced senior advisor (CX and Digital Trans. World-class expert-The CX Master ) with Mobily, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). Mokhtar is a renowned customer experience and digital transformation leader, a world-class executive and an author with extensive business expertise of over 24 years in customer experience, marketing, processes reengineering, CC and digital transformation. Hany carries strong leadership and management capabilities with a proven success record across utilities, FMCG, IT, petroleum, marketing and advertising, telecom, banking and government. As a result of his experience working in a variety of industries on varied solutions and propositions, Mokhtar exhibits a strong ability to fully comprehend business objectives, identify opportunities and challenges, develop creative, cost-effective solutions, and lead teams to strengthen the competitive edge in a way that boosts revenues, improves customer experience, and improves business outcomes.

What has been your most significant CX achievement in recent months?

The three most significant achievements for us have been winning the Best CX Award for KSA from the Saudi Government. We also have been awarded the ISO certification for the CX Journey management methodology. Finally, we are delighted to have launched the CX command centre.

The top challenge that keeps you awake at night, and how are you solving that?

I would say that basically, cascading the Customer/beneficiary experience centricity across the various layers of the organisation organically via cultural concepts and experience governance enforcement is the top challenge.

Over the past years, the CX landscape has dramatically changed. How much has it changed in your perspective?

With the emergence of critical pivots like; agility, AI technologies, digital transformation, etc, the landscape has undergone tremendous changes. As such, the CX management as a core concept needs to be rehabilitated and absorb the new methodologies within its effectiveness domains towards Customer Experience Excellence attainment.

How do you see the future of CX, and what challenges need to be solved to reach that "elusive" next level in CX?

CX is mainly for our better, for me, you and our families, and its integration with the various operating models will be an inevitable core pivot. Meanwhile, CX academies, CX certifications and master's degree specialisation for CX shall also grow. There is a noticeable gap with the tool's mapping on the technology front. Yet, its inclusion within all business operating models shall drive a new revolution in the CX systems domains.

Is CX being overrated or not getting the attention it deserves? Why? What should organisations do or instead not do towards getting better RoI?

I can tell that CX has been prevailing powerfully since 2007, and today, it is reserving key seats up to the board levels, yet it still requires more governance enforcement to work in parallel with cultural infusion programs, and that requires executive management focus, belief, enablement and empowerment — which is a challenge on the short term- yet highly rewarding for those who fully believe and genuinely invest in CX as jackpot and a winning card

Message to fellow CX community.

A deep belief in our mission is your primary motive to pursue an arduous Journey; the CX is science and an art, yet endurance is your way, and excellence is a non-stop journey. Don't lose the essence of CX. I advise that you read my CX 4 Es theory as a dimensional model in your pursuit of excellence mission.

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