Hale Education Group: A personalised pathway to success


Published: Mon 27 Mar 2023, 10:44 AM

For over a decade, Hale has helped over 1,500 UAE students achieve their fullest potential through acceptances to over 175 US and Canadian universities, including all eight Ivy League universities, and secure nearly $50 million in scholarships.

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The class of 2023 began the academic year with a mixed bag of emotions brimming with anxiety, anticipation, and excitement, as high school students quickly entered the rigorous college application cycle complete with last minute college list modifications, creative revisions to the personal statements, and mock interview preparations.

As Hale Education wraps up its most successful early admissions cycle to date, proud students and parents celebrate undergraduate acceptances to Ivy League and top universities. Future Yale freshman Sana Carrimjee will study molecular, cellular and developmental biology. Tech enthusiast Kshiteez Panigrahi will attend UPenn's College of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Ahaan Shetty, admitted into CalTech and offered a selective full-ride scholarship to Vanderbilt University, will pursue physics. Dedicated Syrian humanitarian activist and RISE Finalist, Jad Alkarim Al Smail has been admitted into Brown University. Rise finalist, Tibah Ali has been accepted into the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill with a full ride scholarship, where she will be pursuing neurotechnology and neuroscience research. Prady Saligram has been accepted into several computer engineering programmes, including the reputed programme at Georgia Tech. Jacob George, an aspiring aerospace engineer, was among less than one per cent of students offered early admission into UC Berkeley. Tatum Muller, has been accepted early decision to Brown University where she will be pursuing political science and International Relations. Jan Springer is a professional swimmer who has secured a seat at Tufts University where he plans to study economics while competing as a member of their D3 swimming team.

An aspiring psychologist, Venika Jani has been offered admission to UBC's psychology programme. As the battle ensues to secure a spot at some of the most prestigious universities in America, Hale’s educational consultants have been in constant work mode to ensure students are admitted to the schools of their dreams.

Bearing in mind that the US application process is holistic in nature, we have been working with our students as early as freshman and sophomore years to curate an ideal activity list, a balanced university list, a rigorous course list, and a solid accumulation of well-structured essays.

Ukasha Farooq, senior education consultant, said: "Diving into self-driven projects such as collaborating with governmental organisations and publishing research is a unique way to go beyond what is learned in the classroom."

In addition to a fully equipped collaborative space, students will have a range of resources at their disposal including weekly workshops, talent exhibitions, and collaborative counsellor office hours to name a few.

"We invite our students (and their friends) to use this office as a hub of innovation and creativity," added Areesha Velani, senior education consultant.

Since the rate of international applications has increased drastically from the previous application cycle, we continually work towards ensuring students are able to commit to a college which not only best fits their academic profile but lies in parallel with their geographic requirements, climate preferences and social interests as well.

Register for a consultation to learn more about the North American application process. Visit www.haleeducation.com.

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