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Published: Mon 18 Jul 2022, 1:11 PM

Last updated: Mon 18 Jul 2022, 2:30 PM

Plan your international trip without struggles of visa processing; head to Go-Kite — a team dedicated to easing out your coming vacation and holiday trips.

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Top 5 places you can head to:

Go-Kite has a huge list of countries to offer for you to pick from and plan for your summer getaway trip. It is going to be a hard choice to make, but keep reading to go through a curated list that we have picked for you.

Go Goa or salaam Kashmir?

If you think India is your summer retreat this year, you can narrow down the never-ending list to Goa and Kashmir. You read it right. Goa should be on the top of the list. With monsoon hitting the souths during this time, Goa is the perfect choice to escape the heat and humidity in Dubai. You will find plenty of activities to invest in as Goa is an always happening place. Make sure to have your beach wear packed and ready.

Kashmir will also welcome you with drizzles as the seasonal rain starts during this time. Sightseeing would be even better while listening to the raindrops. Places are even more picture-perfect. It will be a time worth the visit.

Artistic Italy

Italy has moderately warm weather during this time of the year. You can get around the city, to experience and learn about the history or all the modern attractions. The cosmopolitan environment is an add-on to the historic vibe of the place. Keep some time aside for rejuvenating mud baths and other spa activities that the city is famous for.

Turkey: Land of culture

Istanbul has an average temperature of 28°C throughout July and August. The city offers amazing food and the list of to-do can go on and on. The trip will leave you back home with the memories of the aroma of spices and insta-worthy cafes and more. Istanbul is going to treat you like you have visited multiple cities, with all they have to offer in one city.

The divine beauty of Canada

The perfect getaway for anyone who loves nature, and the weather is always in favour, until its peak of winter. Canada offers the best weather if you are looking for a destination to ‘Chill’. You can find many athletic activities over here, making it an adventurous vacation. The place offers cuisines from almost all over the world, as they have ethnicities from around the world living there.

Festive Germany

It’s going to be a bliss for your eyes to visit Germany in the summer, to see all the beautifully bloomed trees, everything colourful in and around the city. Germany has rich cultures and traditions followed with equally rich festivals. Find out and list down where and how to spend your time in advance as you will find a lot happening at a time.

Cant decide on the destination from the list?

Don’t forget to head over to Go-Kite’s website to look at all the international tour packages. It doesn’t end at picking up the destination, Go-Kite has a team dedicated for you to taking you throughout the end of the trip. They cover everything from visa processing, flight and hotel booking and planning how to spend the holidays.

Make sure your next international trip is a hassle-free by signing up with Go-Kite.

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