Francis Volpe and Brad Ahn on the journey towards achieving success

There is a lot of advice available about overcoming failure, but somehow many people are still extremely afraid of making mistakes. The truth is that everyone has failed at something in their life, and everyone will continue to fail as long as they walk the journey of life. Francis Volpe and Brad Ahn highlight that people tend to forget even the most successful people have failed, and some of them have failed frequently.

Ahn stresses that no one has succeeded without facing failure at some point in their journey. Success doesn’t just fall on your lap because you are ‘lucky.’ What separates successful people from the rest is that they get up every time they fall and then they try again, harder than before. Volpe points out that smart people learn from their mistakes.

Volpe and Ahn, therefore, advocate for people to embrace the process, which entails making mistakes and learning lessons from the setbacks. Although people think through every decision and idea to avoid making mistakes, Volpe states that sometimes the best opportunities come from that wrong turn you have tried so hard to avoid. Ahn adds that no one is immune to making mistakes; what matters is that you learn and grow from it.

Volpe and Ahn reiterate that failure is the best teacher in life. However, you cannot learn from your mistakes unless you first own them. Analyse the mistakes to find the lessons and move forward. Ahn says that every mistake carries a lesson, and it is up to you to learn it. The first lesson is how not to make the same mistake again.

Volpe notes that making mistakes and learning lessons also helps you prepare for future obstacles in your journey. Mistakes help you build strength and develop your problem-solving as well as decision-making skills. Ahn says that the quickest way to achieve success is to face your journey without fear of failure. Mistakes also open your mind to endless possibilities, and even if you try to move mountains to avoid failure, failing will still happen. Just be prepared for it.

Success is a long, arduous journey filled with challenges that shape you and help you unlock your potential. Volpe and Ahn outline why you shouldn’t hide from mistakes; instead, embrace them and learn from failure.

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