Five NFT projects worth considering in 2022 and beyond as per Edgerunners

Published: Fri 3 Jun 2022, 3:13 PM

Today, NFTs are not a foreign concept to most people as they have transformed the digital world. Despite the shaky beginning, with many speculating that it would be a passing fad, NFT technology has proved to be the future of digital transformation.

Edgerunners is a startup and investment DAO. According to Virgil, founder of Edgerunners, the growing popularity of NFTs has made it challenging to choose which projects to pay attention to, especially with millions of NFTs now available. To reduce the headache of sorting, Edgerunners has narrowed down the five NFT projects that are worth considering in 2022 and beyond.

1. Lucky block NFTs — This NFT project has been dubbed the best new NFT project in 2022. According to Edgerunners, this project has massive potential since its platinum rollers club collection is all the rage. When it first emerged, Lucky Block became one of the best altcoins due to its crypto-lottery feature. Looking at where it stands and is headed in 2022 and beyond, Edgerunners states that it is among the best NFT projects to consider.

2. Yubo — This social live streaming app brings a new edge to the NFT space, making it an easy way to connect with people and create communities. The release of its first NFT, Yubo Randos, was met with a lot of support and the collection follows the idea that everyone needs a rando in their life.

3. VeeFriends — Gary Vee has officially launched his NFT project, one that is perfect for NFT novices. VeeFriends offers the ideal entry into the NFT space with beginner-friendly language and investment options.

4. Crypto Baristas — Hailing all coffee lovers. The new NFT is built for caffeine lovers, featuring fun-loving baristas. The project is also focused on creating a real-life coffee shop that will be a hub for all things crypto.

5. Decentraland — One of the best metaverse NFT projects that have considerable growth potential. The project is established on the Ethereum blockchain and allows users to create avatars and purchase plots on virtual land.

Chief on the list of items to consider is pricing dictated by your budget. This gives a very good sense of what projects to go for.

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