Fitness coach Sami Osman explains the importance of changing diet frequently

By Deepak Jain

Published: Fri 9 Dec 2022, 12:02 PM

Last updated: Fri 9 Dec 2022, 2:30 PM

Your outer self is majorly influenced by what you eat. And if you are in a fat-burning process, then the primacy of the aforementioned sentence surges even more. Are you someone who has been rigorously following the same diet plan and workout routine for weeks? You need to stop. And the idolised fitness fanatic, Sami Osman, will tell you why.

He is a certified sports and nutrition coach who joined the world of fitness at a very young age. He has trained multiple individuals. In this process, Osman learned that many people followed the schedule for a long time without changing it.

Addressing that, he said: "The body adapts to the stress of exercise within 2-3 weeks. It then takes another two weeks to stabilise these tiny body cell structures. Thus, people tend to plateau when attempting to lose weight. Hence, it is crucial to change your exercise routines to keep them new."

Osman recommends rotating the diet and workout routine every two to three weeks. "That way, your body will never get fully accustomed to the routine and your difficulty and intensity will remain high," he further added.

For diet plans, you can reach Osman by visiting the link mentioned on his Instagram account at @bigsam_osman. Sharing examples of different types of exercise that can be switched, Osman mentioned biking, step aerobics, running, curves routines, weight training, yoga, boxing routines, rollerblading, racquetball, swimming reps, sets, etc.

However, he specifically spoke of the adrenal body type. If you have one, focus on aerobic exercise until your adrenals are stronger, then graduate to higher-intensity-type exercise. Throughout these years, Osman has used his proficiency to guide the masses, and Instagram has been a great ally to him.

"The most important key to staying in fat burning and getting more out of your exercise is to keep changing your diet and workout routine every two to three weeks," Osman concluded. We hope this might have given you some direction to steer your fitness plan.

Deepak Jain is a freelancer content writer.

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