Feeling ‘appy’ with myAlfred and InsuranceMarket.ae

Published: Thu 8 Dec 2022, 9:53 AM

Have you noticed how it’s all about digital these days? One thing the pandemic showed us was the need to be flexible and future-proofed, and that’s why online options have increasingly become the choice for both companies and consumers alike. ‘.com’ has come to represent ‘.comfort’ as shopping from the sofa is the new normal.

Another way to get ahead is to get an app, and never ones to be behind the times, and the team at myAlfred in collaboration with InsuranceMarket.ae have done exactly that. Eager to know more, we spoke to two of their executive team to find out more.

Avinash Babur, CEO at InsuranceMarket.ae, said: “The year 2022 has been a very exciting year for InsuranceMarket.ae, we not just launched our e-commerce platform enabling the purchase of popular products directly from us online, we’ve also collaborated with myAlfred.com to offer our customers access to their exciting new app: making mobile access to even more exclusive savings possible.”

Commenting further, Grishma Apte, general manager at myAlfred, said: “Q4 2022 has seen all our hard work and planning come to fruition as our myAlfred app is born. We’ve been offering InsuranceMarket.ae customers a wide range of deals and discounts for over a year now through our exclusive online rewards programme, but it was always our vision to have this platform run in parallel with an easy-to-access app to make myAlfred mobile. Last week our vision became reality and we’re delighted to showcase yet another dynamic digital offering. With savings in excess of Dh10K from more than 120 partners, myAlfred truly is a rewarding experience for InsuranceMarket.ae customers, and our partners feel the benefit of being part of such a successful collaboration too.”

We can see why the team at myAlfred.com are so ‘appy’ with their latest addition.

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