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Fashionista Sonia Pronk promotes the idea of pursuing big dreams

Since we attract what we think, the law of attraction is the ideal theory that explains why we should dream of bigger things. — Sonia Pronk

Published: Fri 25 Feb 2022, 3:43 PM

It's often said that we should cut our coats to fit our clothes. But then we are depriving ourselves even of the thought of being extraordinary. Sharing the same mind, the notable fashion icon and Swiss socialite, Sonia Pronk, talks from her heart about how dreaming and chasing bigger things make the whole difference.

Pronk is a fashion lady prominently known for her opulent and extravagant lifestyle. She dwells in Dubai Hills, where houses cost up to 20 million pounds and her lifestyle is an exemplar of extraordinary living. Stating about dreams, she said: "The logic is very simple. Let your mind do the imagining part. Dreams are boundless and aren’t governed by your consciousness, so you get full mental freedom to think about what you really want from your life. And when you discern that, then only the chasing part is left. "

Chasing dreams is not a cakewalk. But Pronk believes that being dedicated and committed to bringing it to reality can make a lot of difference. No matter how successful and self-sufficient one becomes, the scope for advancement will always be there. She believes that bigger things come to those who toil to achieve them.

Pronk was recently featured on BBC 2022’s ‘Inside Dubai: Playground of the Rich Episode 1’ for her mind-blowing collection of shoes and handbags. Her entire wardrobe costs more than £4 million. She is married to a multi-millionaire financier husband and is also the mother of twins. Pronk also does a lot of charitable work.

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