Fahed Aldeeb elucidates the success of global marketing

Published: Mon 4 Jul 2022, 4:35 PM

Market research in recent years has illustrated the growing importance of advertising through influencers. OMNES Influencers was created as a specialised platform to aid this market transition, achieving great results, credibility, and impact on the world of marketing and commercial advertising.

Fahed Aldeeb, co-founder and CEO of OMNES Influencers, echoes these statements, stating that there is no doubt that the role of influencers has become one of the necessities of marketing work. He claims that marketing campaigns targeting the end user individuals are currently devoid of influencers, particularly in retail trade, food and tourism promotion, real estate, health care, and other niche marketing sectors.

Aldeeb highlighted the number of influencers on the OMNES platform has exceeded 2,200 since its launch in 2021, with a monthly growth rate of between 50 and 60 influencers per month. Influencers from Bahrain make up 19 per cent of the total count, Saudi Arabia comprises 11 per cent, and 7 per cent of influencers are based in the UAE.

He further explained that recent market data shows that the size of the global influencer marketing market has more than doubled since 2019, amounting to nearly $13.8 billion in 2021, according to a report issued by Statista. Talking about the same, he said: “These numbers are likely to rise in light of the increasing number of social media networks, and the accompanying significant increase in the number of followers and users of these networks. Technological developments in the content industry has enabled influencers to create content for their brands and advertisers in innovative, fast, and more cost effective ways as compared to traditional marketing methods."

Advertiser enabled

The goal of OMNES Influencers is to organise and develop the bilateral relationship between advertisers and influencers in a convenient way. The advertiser starts by searching for the right influencer on the platform according to their branding and needs. The platform provides advanced search engine identifiers within the databases of registered and listed influencers only, unlike many other platforms that suggest influencers without a prior commercial relationship with the influencer.

OMNES Influencers registers each of the influencers it works with, to enhance the overall credibility of the platform, helping both the advertiser and the influencer seek trusted projects. Negotiations, agreements and sharing of advertisement material all occur on the platform swiftly.

Payment system

The platform has a safe and trusted payment system; when an agreement is made between a brand and an influencer, the amount is held securely within an Escrow ac-count that is released to the influencer upon completion of the work, in accordance with the agreed terms.

The platform furthermore works to provide business advertising services for the advertiser through the platform's home page, allowing interested influencers to submit their offers to obtain these advertised works. Speaking on the recent additions to the platform, Aldeeb said: "We have launched specialised mini-influencer networks as a quality service that will be offered to specific sectors such as beauty and fashion care, sports, lifestyle, and food, which are all sectors currently in high demand for influencers. These mini-networks include a group of not more than ten influencers, all within local geographical and demographic distribution to allow for work in person and easy collaboration.”

These mini-networks allow influencers to collaborate and broadcast advertiser content at the same time, with the aim of maximising access to the largest segment of the target audience.

The OMNES Influencers platform work strategy gives opportunities to influencers from different parts of the world to register and connect with clients all across the globe. OMNES has begun negotiations with specialised institutions and agencies to represent the platform in markets across North America, Western Europe, North Africa and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries. “This expansion in attracting influencers and opening up to various markets requires us to carry out marketing campaigns targeting influencers wherever they are, in addition to providing channels for direct communication with them in order to complete contracting procedures and training in using the platform," Aldeeb added.

The role of the representative is to attract influencers to register on the platform as well as help promote the platform within their local market, ensuring the widespread adoption of of the service by both registered influencers and advertisers.

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