Experience the future of education at LEARN Pavilion, Maker Faire Rome 2023

Organised by the Rome Chamber of Commerce, the Maker Faire Rome brings together industry experts, makers, and innovators to showcase their projects to the general public

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Published: Tue 3 Oct 2023, 12:29 PM

From October 20 to 22, Maker Faire Rome 2023 invites you to the LEARN Pavilion, a meticulously curated space by Paolo De Gasperis, where education and innovation take center stage. This distinctive environment brings together visionaries, institutions, strategies, and companies committed to skill development as their primary mission.

For educators, trainers, parents, and representatives of educational institutions, LEARN offers a dynamic environment rich in inspiration and updates in the realm of education. It presents a unique opportunity to explore fresh methodologies, tools, and ideas for seamless integration into educational programs.

LEARN embodies interactivity and play, turning them into primary catalysts for learning. This unique showcase welcomes both private and public entities, bound by a shared passion and confidence in the innovation of educational pathways and skill development strategies. By emphasising 'learning by doing,' Maker Faire acts as a catalyst for active learning, recognising individual needs and aptitudes, and spotlighting the teacher as a mentor, a guide to information rather than a conveyor of content.

LEARN is structured around three thematic pillars: EdTech, Gaming, and STEAM Education. Despite their apparent differences, these areas converge on common objectives: discovering innovative educational solutions, promoting a discerning approach to digital tools, embracing the scientific method, honing analytical skills, and fostering the development of cross-cutting skills.

EdTech showcases tools, startups, and established experiences illustrating how new technologies enhance teaching and facilitate the acquisition of new skills. From adaptive learning systems to interactive platforms, EdTech is charting the course for the future of education, offering tools that tailor the learning experience to individual needs.

The Gaming section embodies Maker Faire Rome's vision for game-based learning solutions, encompassing both digital and analog experiences. With the support of the Italian Videogame Academy and the activities of Maker Camp, this space delves into the integration of video games into learning dynamics, with a nod to the past through a dedicated area for retro gaming.

The STEAM Education section unites creativity, technology, sciences, and humanistic culture, presenting 14 experience labs in a 700 sqm area exclusively devoted to 'learning by doing'. With over 40 workshops, escape games, and interactive demonstrations, participants engage in manual skills and creative expression, breaking free from formal structures. This high-quality offering is made possible through the support of esteemed institutions such as ESA, INFN, CNR, Digilab Sapienza, partner companies like AllNet, and non-profit organisations like SeedScience and MindSharing.

During the three days, LEARN will host a stage featuring a schedule of presentations and training opportunities:

  • Scientific dissemination shows produced by G.Eco, Scienza Divertente, and the special contribution of ESA and Frascati Scienza.
  • Talks with in-depth insights for guidance in the world of game developers, a panel dedicated to energy transition, and interactive demos on EdTech products dedicated to the development of digital and logical-mathematical skills.

LEARN also aims to provide a comprehensive view of opportunities and emerging trends in education, fostering a strategic network for the exchange of best practices among trainers, researchers, companies, students, and all key figures in the education world. It's an opportunity to discover, learn, and, above all, be inspired.

LEARN offers a unique opportunity within Maker Faire Rome to explore and be inspired by innovative and original solutions in the realm of non-formal education. It allows individuals to firsthand experience the effectiveness of the motto 'learn by doing'.

Maker Faire Rome

Organised by the Rome Chamber of Commerce, Maker Faire Rome – The European Edition is in its eleventh year. The trade fair brings together industry experts, makers, and innovators to showcase their projects to the general public. It serves as a platform for connecting businesses, academia, individuals, and ideas.

For more information, visit https://makerfairerome.eu/en/.

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