ESPA in fourth decade of Middle East operations, reaffirms faith

ESPA Middle East, a subsidiary of ESPA 2025, is entering its fourth decade of operations in the UAE. The event will be celebrated with the opening up of two key business modules, which includes a hydro-pneumatic pump assembling facility and an exclusive ESPA customer service coordination centre in the UAE.

According to N. Rajeev, managing director of ESPA Middle East and Saarc, this is a signal of the strong faith ESPA has in the Middle East and the UAE in particular. “After starting out here in the 1980s, we have come a long way and have now added the third dimension of a service network to our operations here,” he said. ESPA is the leading water solutions company in the UAE and has a large presence in the commercial, residential and swimming pool segments.

When asked about his experience and journey of being with the same brand for the last 30 years, he said: “It was a great journey as most of the prime of my life has been with ESPA pumps and when you drive down Dubai you have a feeling of pride and contention to see your projects wherever you go. This is the reason why ESPA is all out to expand its presence in this area.”

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