Enzo Rosani is the first to bring crypto to Dubai and Miami Real Estate

Published: Thu 3 Mar 2022, 11:49 AM

Miami, like Dubai, is currently undergoing a cultural, social and economic resurgence. From the high-profile restaurants opening in the area, to various major cultural events taking place in both markets, to top-tier businesses opening up offices — Miami and Dubai are setting the stage for years to come as a key player in significant world events.

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Along with the increase in restaurants and businesses opening in both markets, there has inevitably been a steep increase in people moving to the area and buying or renting homes. Specifically, high-end homes are projected to soar in 2022 as the city becomes the most prosperous housing market. According to Mansion Global, luxury property prices are expected to grow 10 percent in 2022.

“It comes as no surprise,” Georgina Atkinson, regional head of Knight Frank’s US residential business in Asia Pacific and the Middle East, said in the report. “Sales continue to surge and there is a chronic lack of inventory.”

In the case of Miami, one large reason for the spike in luxury home prices is that the city draws in major celebrities and athletes. For Enzo Rosani, helping these stars find their footing in Miami and Dubai is instinctive, as he used to be one himself. Rosani was captain of the French national team for several years before attending college and eventually moving to one of his favorite cities in the world: Miami.

Rosani said: “I am the biggest fan of Miami you’ll ever meet so I am very biased. However, we can all agree that Miami has the best quality of life compared to other cities. I also love the diversity here. There are people from all over the world.”

Spending time as a professional athlete prepared Rosani to follow his father’s footsteps and join the real estate industry. “I have always been very competitive, result-oriented, and a team player so whether it's finding that perfect property, negotiating the best deal, or managing a team, this is nothing new to me,” he said. Rosani helped establish the sports and entertainment division at Barnes International Realty, a sector of the business that is very high-demand at the moment in the Magic City.

Another notable moment from Rosani’s real estate career thus far is his facilitating of Miami’s first-ever real estate deal paid for entirely in cryptocurrency, in which he sold a penthouse in Ethereum. “I always try to be informed of the latest trends and found an article about the blockchain. Afterwards, I realised the potential of the technology and started to get more involved and do further research,” he said. “The future of real estate is here whether you like it or not, and crypto-transactions are becoming safer, easier and changing luxury real estate. Four to five years from now, I predict that 30-50 per cent of the real estate transactions will be done using cryptocurrency. Many crypto whales will be moving money into hard assets.”

One advice that Rosani would give to his younger self would be to enjoy the present moment and not stress out too much about the future. “Hard work always pays off,” he said. With the Miami and Dubai markets showing no signs of slowing any time soon, visit his profile at Barnes International Realty to find your next home or follow his Instagram to stay updated on all of his exciting adventures.

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