Dubai Dreamer: From $1000 in her pocket to Influencer of the Year - Kiko Chan's remarkable journey

Dubai, the gleaming city of opportunities, has always beckoned dreamers and go-getters from around the world

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By Vaishali Sanjay

Published: Fri 9 Jun 2023, 9:47 AM

Last updated: Fri 9 Jun 2023, 9:49 AM

One such individual who embarked on a remarkable journey to Dubai is Kiko Chan, a seasoned investor and former supermodel from Asia. In just six months, Kiko's expedition has transformed her from an Asian investor into a prominent figure in the dynamic Dubai real estate market. Let's delve into her captivating story, uncovering her experiences, insights, and notable achievements along the way.

Upon arriving in Dubai, Chan was immediately captivated by the city's grandeur and potential. Driven by her 16 years of experience in the real estate industry, she made a bold decision to explore the unparalleled opportunities that awaited her in this golden city.

Chan wasted no time and quickly embarked on a quest to secure a job in the thriving real estate sector. Leveraging her extensive background and expertise, she effortlessly secured a position within the first week. Armed with determination and years of industry knowledge, Chan laid a solid foundation for her newfound career in Dubai.

Building upon her unique background as a supermodel and an investor, Kiko conceived an innovative idea—creating lifestyle and real estate videos. With her videos, she aimed to showcase the charm of Dubai, while also highlighting the lucrative investment prospects the city had to offer. Chan's videos became a testament to the fusion of luxury living and sound investments, captivating audiences with their fresh perspective on the market.

To attract Asian investors and increase her video views on Instagram, Kiko employed effective strategies. Her videos emphasised the significant advantages that Dubai's real estate market had over other regions. She accentuated the enticing low mortgage rates, offering investors an edge they couldn't find elsewhere. Furthermore, Chan showcased the remarkable return on investment (ROI) opportunities that Dubai presented, far exceeding those available in her home country. These insights and captivating content resonated deeply with Asian investors, generating immense interest in Dubai's real estate market.

Drawing upon her family's three generations of investment experience, Chan successfully appealed to Asian investors. Her profound understanding of the Asian market enabled her to establish trust and credibility with potential investors. Through comprehensive education on the potential of investing in Dubai, including the advantageous zero per cent tax policy, Chan shattered misconceptions and opened up a world of possibilities for Asian investors.

While Chan faced challenges in bringing Asian investors into the Dubai market, her unwavering determination and industry knowledge bridged the gap. Educating potential investors about the immense potential in Dubai's real estate market was a crucial hurdle to overcome. However, Chan's passion and dedication to her craft ensured she reached a wide audience, changing perceptions and creating opportunities one investor at a time.

The realisation of Chan's dreams in Dubai was marked by her first successful real estate deal. This achievement brought tears of joy and a renewed sense of purpose. Additionally, being recognised as the 'Influencer of the Year' in the real estate category further solidified her status and motivated her to continue making a positive impact in the industry.

Throughout her journey, Chan's collaboration with Rizwan Sajan, the esteemed founder of Danube Properties, played a pivotal role. Sajan's mindset and business approach have profoundly influenced Kiko, positioning him as her idol. Inspired by his ability to open doors for newcomers in Dubai and create opportunities for people to realise their dreams, Kiko aspires to follow in his footsteps and raise funds to establish her Asian-centric building in Dubai.

Chan's achievements extend beyond her success. She has become an influential force in the Asian market's entry into Dubai. By showcasing the affordability and payment plans of Dubai properties, Chan has shattered misconceptions and introduced new possibilities to Asian investors. Her dedication and impact exemplify the transformative power of bridging markets and facilitating cross-cultural investments.

Looking to the future, Chan aims to continue making money for her investors while also harbouring a long-term aspiration of creating a vibrant community reminiscent of her beloved home country in Dubai—a place where people can chase their dreams.

Chan's journey in Dubai has not only transformed her professionally but also personally. Armed with resilience, she embarked on her Dubai adventure with just $1000 in her pocket. Her willingness to face challenges head-on, coupled with her unwavering determination, led her to success. Chan's remarkable growth, from a modest rental in Tecom to a flourishing career in the prestigious Marina, showcases her unwavering commitment to her dreams.

To aspiring influencers and individuals looking to enter the real estate market in Dubai, Chan's story offers valuable lessons. She emphasises the importance of finding good deals for investors and ensuring clients' success—a mindset that is essential for thriving in the real estate industry. Kiko's journey is a testament to the power of passion, hard work, and a deep understanding of the market.

In just six months, Chan has carved a name for herself in the Dubai real estate market. Her story serves as an inspiration to others, proving that with dedication, perseverance, and a touch of creativity, dreams can come true in the shimmering city of Dubai.

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Vaishali Sanjay is a co-founder and editor at MICE Experts


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