Dubai conquers the future with a new world record

Published: Thu 5 May 2022, 11:51 AM

Dubai amazes the world day after day with its race with the future, and wrestling with great merit, the most important numbers in the Guinness Book of Records. An artificial island, the most beautiful building in the world, and innumerable prizes. Science fiction is going to become a reality in Dubai. In anticipation of a sustainable green rich future; just simply imagine if we could get from Dubai to Abu Dhabi in less than eight minutes, without a drop of conventional petroleum and its types, but with a high-speed turbine engine that works on clean energy and is environmentally friendly. The size of the engine, phenomenally does not exceed the size of a finger.

M M M international Media group perfectly organised the press conference at Palazzo Versace Hotel to launch the magnificent collaboration between The Royal Asia Enterprise International with the American factories RH Motors industry. Only in Dubai the East meets the West in superior harmony, where the most important invention of the twenty-first century, a group of high-speed super sonic engines 'The fastest in the world' was presented.

Mario Marcos, the Asian billionaire expressed his confidence for choosing Dubai as the headquarters for the manufacture of the largest and first factories of these clean energy engines that will conquer the whole world thanks to its unique technology that shocked everyone, which can generate self-power at a speed of more than 1,000 thousand km per hour, without any drop of fuel, and can be used in all high-speed transportation, from air taxi, planes, trains, ships, cars, and even in many other industries.

The unique press conference was presented by Wassim Mandil, accompanied by Miss Arab World, ‘Chorouk Chelouwati, who dazzled the audience with her captivating presence. It marked the start of a transport industry transformation and revolution, making Dubai yet again at the forefront of new discoveries.

In addition Somarin and Dmitri, from RH Motors industry, expressed their successful experience in constructing the fastest flying taxi at a speed of one thousand km per hour and preparing to launch it in the near future in Dubai. They expressed their gratitude for the support of businessman Mario Marcos and their enthusiasm and willingness to establish the factory The first of its kind for the world in the heart of the UAE, and moving forward with Dubai’s strategic policy in securing clean alternative energy and reducing dependence on petroleum energy sources, and dazzling the whole world in providing more innovations and achievements that serve all humanity.

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