Driving change: Transformation strategist Randeep Kapur's impact on the global manufacturing landscape

Digital transformation has become an all-encompassing reality, extending its reach over time to even include the manufacturing industry

By Paucastillo

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Published: Wed 23 Aug 2023, 5:49 PM

Last updated: Wed 6 Sep 2023, 11:11 AM

This evolution has compelled businesses to embrace upgraded production methods, leading to heightened intelligence in their operations. Smart manufacturing integrates technology, data, procedures, and human engagements to perturb and revolutionise the role of production within a digital enterprise, establishing it as the cornerstone for consistent outcomes emanating from intelligent factories. However, what is essential is a meticulous approach that covers the entire process, starting from gathering knowledge and devising strategies, then moving on to pilot testing and assessment, culminating in the execution of the strategy and its comprehensive deployment, which is only possible under an expert strategist like Randeep Kapur.

Randeep Kapur, a transformation strategist, specialising in modernising the manufacturing sector, is actively driving advancements in this field. Focusing on the efficiency of an industry known for tight margins, Kapur utilises emerging technologies such as edge computing, private 5G, AI, ML, GAI, IIOT, metaverse, multi-cloud, big data analytics, and security to transition manufacturing into smart manufacturing. This shift brings about solutions that curtail unplanned downtime and maintenance costs, reduce environmental impact, optimise factory capacity, enhance production efficiency and product quality, improve labour productivity, and increase asset returns. Additionally, Kapur's expertise extends to sustainable manufacturing aligned with environmental and societal considerations and improving overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) in factory settings.

With a career spanning 23 years, Kapur consistently applies transformative strategies across diverse manufacturing sectors like automotive, semiconductor, and electronics. His strategic guidance has steered these industries towards higher productivity, efficiency, and competitiveness through intelligent manufacturing practices.

Currently holding the key role in one of the Fortune 500 companies that is known as a beacon of innovation and technological prowess, driving transformative solutions for a rapidly evolving world, Kapur brings a wealth of experience from leading Software Solutions providers, including ISHIR, Brightpoint India Private Limited, Coforge, HCL Technologies, and DXC Technologies. Throughout his career, he has developed modern software solutions that align technology with business goals, facilitating digital initiatives for seamless data integration, process orchestration, and cost savings.

In his role as a transformational strategist, Kapur excels at driving organisational change and engaging stakeholders. He employs joint Design Thinking workshops to unearth innovations and develop solutions by empathetically defining problems and prototyping before scaling for production. With nearly two decades of pre-sales experience, he has a deep understanding of customer pain points, enabling him to tailor strategies that ease the transition to smart manufacturing.

Kapur's strength lies in designing comprehensive smart manufacturing strategies tailored to various industries. He identifies digital opportunities, evaluates technical feasibility, and conducts thorough risk assessments. His strategic roadmaps encompass process optimisation, automation, predictive maintenance, and supply chain integration, enabling organisations to thrive in the digital era. Recognised for his profound grasp of digital technologies, Kapur advocates for data-driven decision-making within smart manufacturing. He emphasises the significance of using data and analytics to inform changes, contrasting with past decisions based on experience and intuition.

Kapur's notable accomplishments include establishing smart eco-systems, connected mining, integrated command and control centres, and digitising workforce management for major steel, automotive, and semiconductor companies across the Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ) region. Recently, he has also been appointed as a member of Singapore’s prestigious Smart Manufacturing Technical Committee (SMTC), a committee responsible for managing the development of standards within the technical area of smart manufacturing and its associated applications, including without limitation requirements, architectures, models, practices, and technologies that support smart manufacturing.

His collaborative approach fosters a unified ecosystem that drives the widespread adoption of smart manufacturing practices, nurturing growth and innovation across the industry. He says: “Every company has a distinct manufacturing process that is dedicated to a specific function. To achieve seamless digital and sustainable manufacturing experiences, we must harness the appropriate technology while taking into account various business and people issues across manufacturing processes. The decisions of such changes should be data-driven, unlike in the past, when it was experience, gut, and marketing driven”.

Beyond his technological expertise, Kapur is a respected global speaker who shares insights at esteemed platforms. He recently discussed the future of smart manufacturing and innovation acceleration at Semiconsea 2023's CxO Summit and Enterprise Forum.

Paucastillo is a content strategist for technology and entrepreneurship.

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