Dr Kasia Sterriker takes environmental art to the next level

By Falak Rocks

Published: Thu 24 Nov 2022, 12:36 PM

Last updated: Thu 24 Nov 2022, 12:39 PM

The kind of massive developments and the level of incredible growth a few industries have experienced so far can be attributed to a variety of factors. Some say it is because of the constant tech advancements and the adoption of tech trends, while others say it is the relentless drive and passion of a few high-performing professionals who never leave a stone unturned in executing the ideas they constantly generate and bring to life visions that have the power to better the industries they choose to step in. Dr Kasia Sterriker is one among them. Born in Poland as both an artist and a scientist, she works her magic to take the world of environmental art to the next level.

An environmental artist and biophilic designer with two PhDs:

Dr Sterriker has attained two PhDs; one in environmental engineering and one in landscape architecture. After gaining this massive knowledge and honing her skills in her chosen niches, she initially worked as a university lecturer and went on to develop patented materials for her former university. She also ran infrastructure projects for town and city planning and has done interior and exterior design and the transformation of properties across the European capitals for high net worth and famous personalities. Currently, she is making waves as an environmental artist and biophilic designer.

Carrying on the legacy of her father, an international bonsai master:

Dr Sterriker is proud that her love for art was ingrained in her from childhood by her father, an international bonsai master and educator. She was brought up in a home with a nursery and glasshouse attached. Learning a great deal from her father and other bonsai masters from across the globe, she developed her art form and learned to express her creativity through her modern interpretation of bonsai and environmental art.

Creating appealing art:

She is known for working with organic materials and producing art that is not just appealing but also pays tribute to nature. Her work is beyond pure art, where she applies art and science to create living spaces or to enhance existing spaces indoors or outdoors. Ultimately, she creates an optimised aesthetic, improving the physical and mental health of the ones who live within it.

Expansion into Dubai:

Dr Sterriker is now, along with her businessman husband Paul Sterriker, settling into life in Dubai, where they are establishing their environmental art business with the genuine intent to transform homes and public spaces across the Emirates and the wider region. She hopes to educate people in Environmental Art to further inspire artists in the years to come.

Besides being this incredible artist and scientist, Dr Sterriker also is a fundraiser for environmental organisations and collaborates with several NGOs.

Falak Rocks is an independent/ freelance journalist and a media entrepreneur.

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