Dr Elias Abikhalil — The surgeon informing the UAE about endometriosis

Published: Thu 2 Feb 2023, 10:19 AM

Last updated: Tue 14 Feb 2023, 5:45 PM

Did you know that endometriosis affects over 190 million women worldwide?

"You’d be forgiven for not knowing these facts along with a few others, such as one in ten patients with endometriosis experience symptoms before the age of 20," says Dr Elias Abikhalil, one of the leading endometriosis experts in Dubai where he works as the chief of women's services at the Clemenceau Medical Center in Dubai (CMC).

The World Health Organisation (WHO) defines endometriosis as a disease in which tissue resembling the lining of the uterus grows outside the uterus, causing pain and infertility. Symptoms can include irregular cycles, joint pain, excessive bleeding, lower back pain, and chronic fatigue.

Dr Abikhalil says the condition can be debilitating, impacting quality of life, affecting women during various life-stages, from adolescence to menopause.

Currently, there is no known cure, with treatment usually aimed at controlling symptoms. The esteemed surgeon says that while the disease is commonly talked about in Western societies, here in the UAE, endometriosis can be a delicate issue because of cultural customs.

He adds that it can be challenging to tackle the disease as it’s often misdiagnosed, because it can easily be confused with other problems or diseases of the female reproductive organs.

Dr Abikhalil shares that this honest and widespread medical oversight can have serious consequences affecting reproductive ability. Considering the high risk, the gifted surgeon advises patients to seek a specialist doctor who will thoroughly examine all factors involved before deciding on the treatment needed.

"Consultation and diagnosis are critical. Treatment must consider where the patient is in their family planning cycle and take into account age, medical history, stage of endometriosis and its impact. It's important to find a surgeon who asks questions about these lifestyle factors and takes time to observe symptoms over time, rather than a quick diagnosis and treatment."

Through his life-changing work at Clemenceau Medical Center, Dr Abikhalil is revolutionising women's health in the Gulf region by continuing to raise awareness of endometriosis and staying at forefront of leading-edge treatments.

One of the most advanced treatments Dr Abikhalil offers his patients is robotic surgery, which offers numerous advantages over open surgery. He uses one of the most advanced techniques in robotic surgery, which requires only a tiny incision but offers greater accuracy during the procedure. This results in less pain, fewer complications and faster patient recovery time.

Whilst a thorough examination before treatment is essential, Dr Abikhalil adds that postoperative care is equally important, as it provides information about the patient's healing process and helps minimise postoperative complications.

"It is always important to continue follow-up care to ensure patient’s well-being, health and safety," he says.

As an advocate for endometriosis, he’s amongst those at the forefront of treating and educating women about the disease by using the latest and safest techniques employed by leading surgeons in the field and writes articles that enlighten patients and physicians alike.

Dr Abikhalil completed his residency at George Washington University USA, gained five degrees, received several awards for excellence in endoscopic surgery and has written numerous peer-reviewed papers. With over a decade of experience, he is the doctor of choice for many women in the UAE and abroad.

Although he has only been practising in Dubai for less than a year, he’s already received over 100 five-star Google reviews, both from women in the Middle East and women travelling from countries such as Canada, US and Europe who consult with him.

"My mantra is to do it ‘precisely, delicately and gracefully', in every step I take with my patients, through my actions and my words," he says modestly. He hopes the cause of endometriosis will be uncovered in the next decade and that in the future, more women will be aware of the disease and be able to seek treatment in a way that remedies the cause, rather than only symptoms, as is currently the case.

Visit Dr Elias Abikhalil to read what his patients say and schedule a consultation. For further information about services, visit www.dreliasabikhalil.com.

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