Digpu News Network partners with ACA to propagate anti-corruption practices

Corruption is a raging concern in the world today and India is no exception to it.

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Published: Thu 9 Jun 2022, 9:50 AM

Last updated: Fri 10 Jun 2022, 11:07 AM

The Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) 2021 ranks India 85th out of 180 countries that were assessed. The Corruption score of India is 40 out of 100, where the score ranges from 0 (highly corrupt) to 100 (very clean).

Strong government policies, penalties and punishment can somehow stop the corruption at a level, but we need to understand that no one born corrupted, it's all comes within the society itself. We can stop corruption by creating its awareness in a positive and sophisticated way and its first step starts by understanding the nature of corrupt practices in India and its main roots. Combating corruption might just be the right start to delivering justice in society. This crucial process is impossible without the collaboration of decision-makers, anti-corruption agencies, and fair advocacy of anti-corruption practices by non-partisan media.

In order to achieve this target, India's first Anti-Corruption Academy (ACA) and Digpu News Network joined hands together. The partnership between Digpu News Network and Anti-Corruption Academy is aimed at:

  • Creating awareness among parents to create an ethical infrastructure in every household where they can think, discuss and take constructive steps towards the overall upliftment of their kid’s character, personality, and attitude and they all could contribute significantly for the development of the Nation.
  • Facilitate consensual knowledge and anti-corruption action by involving all social strata and stakeholders through high quality research, fact finding, conferences and publications aimed at clarifying the issues converting findings into policy recommendations.
  • Promote a culture of integrity by sharing original data online and in print, organizing conferences, producing public debates and TV shows, as well as offering a range of courses and training for students, public and private officials, professionals, teachers, reporters and NGOs.
  • Bring about change through capacity building, strategic planning, progress and good practices reports, contributions to sustainable legal, institutional and policy reforms, and by fostering accountability.
  • Creating awareness about the severity of corruption across the country and the world
  • Creating awareness about the impact of corruption on individuals and society
  • Creating awareness about anti-corruption practices with the use of technology.
  • Creating a strong force of anti-corruption volunteers from all circles of the society.

Speaking on this partnership, Kunwar Devender Singh, Founder, Digpu News Network said, "Corruption has not left any area of the society including both the public and private domain untouched. It would be wrong to believe that true journalism can be practiced without taking steady steps to eradicate corruption from its roots. We at Digpu.com, are proud to associate with Anti-Corruption Academy and will support them with all our strength."

"It is a matter of great pride for us to partner with a media network that is engaged in non-partisan journalism, exposing crony capitalism and corruption. At ACA, we have dignitaries from various domains on our board who work together toward eradicating corruption at the grassroots level. Our strategic partnership with Digpu will go a long way in creating a corruption-free society, time has come for an open fight against corruption and its beneficiaries. The unconditional support in this partnership from Digpu News Network is another asset to the Anti-Corruption Academy. We look forward to creating a resourceful team of anti-corruption volunteers to strengthen our mission. We invite people from all walks of life to work towards the cause." said Mr. Umar Sidiqqui, President ACA.

About Digpu News Network :

Digpu News Network (DNN) is India's largest multimedia news distribution agency as of today. It reinvented the Indian digital news industry by making premium, regional and vernacular news channels available to the world. It also made way for thousands of news portals and companies incepted in the past four years, which has subsequently created innumerable jobs in the industry.

About Anti-Corruption Academy :

ACA (Anti-Corruption Academy) is an institution that produces, manages, and disseminates anti-corruption knowledge and all tools necessary to tackle corruption at all levels in all government and economic sectors. It professionalizes anti-corruption and good governance research, education, training, policy construction, implementation, and monitoring. ACA aims to better align the legal mandates, ethical conduct, and actual practices.

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