Dental Experts Center: A comprehensive facility with a patient-focused approach

The centre features over 700 five-star Google reviews, with many patients praising the exceptional level of care, cleanliness, child-friendliness of the clinic, short wait times, and the team's transparency, and competence

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By Alina Kalam

Published: Tue 6 Jun 2023, 3:17 PM

Last updated: Tue 4 Jul 2023, 3:38 PM

Located on the 20th floor of Abu Dhabi's Das Tower, the Dental Experts Centre offers stunning views of the Corniche. The clinic is certified by both the Joint Commission International (JCI) and the Global Clinic Rating (GCR), showcasing its dedication to delivering top-quality dental care to patients in the UAE.

In 2015, Dr Aline Saade established Dental Experts Center. Today, it is widely recognised by both local and international patients for its welcoming and knowledgeable staff, impeccably clean and sanitary facilities, and comprehensive range of professional services offered by the dental specialists at the clinic.

When Dr Saade opened the dental facility more than eight years ago, she envisioned creating a clinic that would be distinguished in the region. She achieved this by providing a full range of speciality services so that patients can feel secure and reassured, knowing that all their dental needs can be met at one location.

Through her commitment and effort, Dr Saade has developed the Dental Experts Center into a comprehensive organisation, boasting 13 doctors, nine treatment rooms, and a culture that prioritises empathy for both patients and employees.

The clinic's foundation is built on honesty, excellence, customer service, social responsibility, and innovation principles.

The leadership of the UAE, known for its admirable qualities and global respect, inspired Dr Saade as she gradually built Dental Experts Center into what it is today. She expresses her gratitude to the country's leaders for making the UAE a desirable place to work, which in turn allowed her to create a superior working environment for her team at the clinic.

Dental Experts Centre attributes its growth and success to the development of a cohesive team that receives ongoing training in patient care and communication, the implementation of innovative tools, flexible working hours that promote work-life balance, and a calming, spacious environment for both patients and staff.

Dr Saade shares, "We are intentional in the way we train our employees, reminding them to always consider the perspective of our patients during every stage of their journey with us."

The centre features over 700 five-star Google reviews, with many patients praising the exceptional level of care, cleanliness, child-friendliness of the clinic, short wait times, and the team's transparency, trustworthiness, and competence.

In today's age of content creation on social media, dentists face the challenge of misinformation. Dental Experts Centre excels in meeting patient expectations, and as the clinic continues to grow, they aim to educate patients about common misconceptions, best dental practices, and realistic cosmetic expectations in dentistry.

Dr Saade cautions that with the abundance of dental information readily available online, more patients are turning away from traditional and proven dental practices in favour of new methods found on the internet.

"I advise patients to stick to the basics, such as brushing their teeth twice or even three times a day, reducing consumption of sugary snacks or drinking water after consuming it or chewing sugar-free gum or an apple, and scheduling regular check-ups instead of waiting until their teeth are in poor condition. In the long run, visiting the dentist every six months is more cost-effective and can prevent more severe issues from arising that may require more extensive and painful treatment," Dr Saade suggests.

As the name suggests, The Dental Experts Centre is a team of specialists who provide their patients with the most effective treatment and professional care possible. They believe in collaboration as experts in their field and are motivated to continuously train and improve as a part of their commitment to their patients. Understanding the needs and treatments of every individual patient is at the core of their daily operations and the center's staff provides personalised care for everyone who walks through their doors.

To schedule an appointment at Dental Experts Centre, you can visit their website at or send an email to

Additionally, you can follow them on Instagram at @dentalexpertscenter for helpful tips and information on various dental treatments.

— Alina Kalam is an lifestyle independent journalist.

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