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Danilo S. Carlucci Invests in Itheum – the World's First Open Metaverse Data Platform

Published: Tue 29 Mar 2022, 10:36 AM

Danilo S. Carlucci, the CEO of Morningstar Ventures, has taken a plunge into the data market with his latest investment in the world’s first open metaverse decentralized data platform Itheum.

With concerns around the collection, storage, and use of personal user-data growing by the day, a new-age data platform like Itheum could pave the way for the democratization of the data market.

It is a decentralized data trading platform built on Elrond blockchain to shift the power dynamics in the data market and bring users and businesses onto a level playing field. Personal user data is transformed into tradable assets and users are in control, having the power to trade it with businesses of their choice. As such, Danilo’s investment is in an effort to boost the rapid growth and development of the platform through Morningstar Ventures.

"Data is a key component of people's digital experiences, and its place in the metaverse is set in stone,” says Danilo. “But currently, social media platforms and search engines act as brokers, providing data to companies. This has paved the way for highly targeted ads and predictive analytics. However, with Itheum, the one-sided data economy is about to shift for the benefit of all,"

A platform like Itheum is pivotal for the onset of the fourth industrial revolution and the transition to web3, both of which are driven by data. Danilo believes that this investment will allow Itheum to expand its horizons and bring in multichain functionalities and NFT-Metaverse applications to the market soon.

About Morningstar Ventures

Morningstar Ventures is an investment firm backing ambitious ideas by early-stage founders. Based in Dubai, Morningstar Ventures focuses primarily on the blockchain and digital assets space and is led by CEO Danilo S. Carlucci. The firm is active in both token investments and equity investments and has a particularly strong focus on the Elrond ecosystem.

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