Dakshesh Parthasarathy achieves world record for 'Fastest Random Country Capital' quiz


Published: Thu 23 Jun 2022, 6:10 PM

Dakshesh Parthasarathy is 8-year-old kid studying in Bhavans WISE Indian Academy. Parthasarathy has a special interest in geography, social studies and virtual travel through Google street view. Through his research and study of the world map he has learned the capitals of all 200 countries both UN recognised and others.

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In March, he attempted the world record for the 'Fastest Random Country Capital' quiz. The record was measured based on the least time taken to answer 200 random country capital questions. The format of the records was that Parthasarathy has to answer the capital questions asked to him in a random manner within the least possible time. It could be any random countries shuffled. The record was measured in minutes and seconds.

The main differentiation of his record attempt was that he was not just by-hearting the capitals and reciting in a continuous flow, he was recollecting all the different capitals while the questions were shuffled and asked. Questions were asked randomly from different continent countries and he was able to recollect the capitals in a flash and answer them. He successfully made his entry in to the famous Book of Records with a record timing of seven minutes and 55 seconds.

Later, he bettered his own existing record with regular practice and dedication and achieved the most coveted record — The World Book of Records, London. This was achieved with a record timing of just six minutes and 50 seconds. Parthasarathy also made it to the International Book of Records title as well.

Parthasarathy's school had conducted a special ceremony to congratulate him on receiving these prestigious records. He was honoured at the event with a special school certificate which was handed over by Indu Panicker, the school principal.

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