CoRover Private Limited (CoRover) partners with Google's Business Messages

CoRover Private Limited announces its partnership with Google's Business Messages.


Published: Fri 7 Oct 2022, 6:27 PM

This partnership will help CoRover's client partners reach customers through Google Search and Maps. It will also help CoRover Client partners drive sales, loyalty and customer satisfaction through assistive experiences and rich features. Google's Business Messages powered by the CoRover chatbot will also be available through the phone’s dialer app, so customers can reach businesses without opening an app or website or even using Google's Search or Maps. It will further improve customer response time, increase support 24/7 and save money. Added features like showing expected wait times, answering frequently asked questions, and the option to connect with live help with personalised messaging to improve customer satisfaction with CSAT data and feedback. Furthermore, the partnership will allow businesses to leverage CoRover's human-centric conversational AI platform that is secure, scalable and reliable, equipped with patent-pending tech (based on AI, ML, NLP, AR and VR) that powers multi-format (video bot, voice bot, chatbot), multi-lingual (112+ Languages) virtual assistants. As part of this partnership, Google's Business Messages and CoRover will work towards tighter product alignment to improve the experience of 1 Billion+ existing users of CoRover as well as future users.

Ankush Sabharwal, CEO and founder, CoRover Private Limited:

“We at CoRover are excited about our partnership with Google's Business Messages. As part of the Partnership, Google’s Business Messages and CoRover will work towards future product alignments to support the growing user base, currently at 1 Billion+ user and cater to the rising demand for AI virtual assistants like viz. chatbot, VoiceBot and metaverse-enabled digital twin, video bot powered by CoRover’s human-centred conversational AI platform.

Customer Speaks: Y Subhash, chief manager, Indraprastha Gas Limited (Ask Maitri by Indraprastha Gas Limited):

Ask Maitri, powered by CoRover accelerated IGL's customer satisfaction by many folds. This virtual assistant is developed on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing, it has helped to reply to IGL customers’ queries needing immediate answers. For example, reporting gas leakage, knowing outstanding bill amounts etc. Customer service tickets are also created and assigned automatically, as the bot is connected to the SAP system of IGL.

Ask Maitri has helped IGL to save costs and improve operational efficiency, in addition to enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction. IGL customers are now happy customers as they have an additional channel in the chatbot to resolve their issues.

CoRover's conversational AI has answered more than a million customer queries since its inception with 80 per cent + excellent feedback. The CoRover team is very skilled and dedicated and has implemented Google's Business Messages on IGL.

Published: Fri 7 Oct 2022, 6:27 PM