Connect Resources helps you expand into new markets with Professional Employment Organisation (PEO)

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Published: Fri 25 Feb 2022, 3:33 PM

Connect Resources has been providing recruitment and staffing solutions for hundreds of enterprises in the Middle East for over six years. This leading agency offers a range of services to help companies grow and expand into diverse markets. Their experienced and innovative approach prioritises the success of their clients as well as employment seekers.

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Professional Employment Organisation is a type of HR outsourcing for small, medium, and large businesses. Also called co-employment, this full-service takes care of several management tasks. Benefits and payroll administration are often the duties that this service will cover in the name of a company. Besides, a PEO can help businesses reduce liability and taxes.

Aaron Portero, managing Director of Connect Group said: “Managing a company means having diverse activities to take care of. When you are not delegating tasks, this process can become problematic and ineffective. PEO services such as the offered by Connect Resources can give business owners the peace of mind they deserve, while effectively satisfying all their HR needs.”

This agency specialises in the following services:

Payroll and tax filing: Management of payroll as well as processing local taxes.

Compliance and risk mitigation: Elaboration of employment contracts to remain compliant with the labour law. This involves payroll taxes, labourers’ compensation payouts, recruitment, and human resources compliance.

Employee outsourcing: Solutions on hiring, sourcing, and onboarding. This agency aids clients in finding the most qualified candidates from their extensive talent pool.

Visa sponsorship: Assistance in the obtention of permits and visas for workers to operate legally in the Emirates. This includes the application process, insurance, and additional requirements.

Using the services of an agency like Connect Resources provides clients with a wide range of benefits and advantages. Businesses can also see an improvement in their employees’ work satisfaction, as they are guaranteed better benefits at a lower cost for the company. At the same time, it prevents them from the serious financial trouble that legal penalties and fines carry with.

Professional Employment Organisation solutions are designed to promote the success of businesses while allowing clients to focus on the challenges, growth, and expansion of the company. For this reason, relying on the expertise of a professional agency to handle all your HR-related matters can be considered an investment to increase your enterprise’s income.

Studies have shown that the average ROI of companies that use PEO services is 27.2 per cent each year. These businesses also see an annual decrease in their employee turnover rate of 10 per cent to 14 per cent Furthermore, it has been proven that companies enjoy more rapid growth and a reduction of 50 per cent in their likeliness of going out of the market.

It is important to point out that the efforts of this agency are also helping foreign clients overcome the language barrier in UAE. Meanwhile, they are in constant learning and updating of their knowledge of the new immigration laws to offer the most excellent guidance through the process. In this way, Connect Resources continues to help in the expansion and diversification of companies around UAE through their many specialised services.

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